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Lidl Cyprus: Vision for a sustainable tomorrow with responsibility today

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Standing close to the environment, society and people

Lidl Κyπρου: Όραμα για Ενα βιoσιμο &alpha ;yριο με υπεyθυνο σorμερα

For Lidl CyprusCorporate Social Responsibility has been an integral part of its actions since the beginning of the activity in Cyprus in 2010. This is clearly visible in its updated sustainable development strategy which evolves into three dynamic axes: “Good for the Planet”, “Good for People” and “Good for You”.

The individual actionsspread over six strategic pillars: Climate protection, respect for biodiversity, resource conservation, fair business, health protection and participation in dialogue. At the same time, with the message “on the road to a better tomorrow”, the company aims to continuously leave a positive imprint in the country in which it operates and to practically support society and the environment in every possible way, focusing on long-term partnerships and actions.< /p>


AKTI Center for Studies and Research

The collaboration of the company with the AKTI Center for Studies and Research from 2021 aims to act against plastic pollution for coastal and marine ecosystems, through the study and detection of microplastics on coasts. The main objective of the collaboration is to inform, raise awareness and mobilize citizens in terms of saving natural resources, reducing the reckless use of plastic, producing goods through a circular economy and consistent recycling. In the context of this cooperation until December 2023, specialized education was provided to 24,706 children, in 155 schools all over Cyprus, while, at the same time, it is noteworthy that from the cleaning of the seabed and coast with the contribution of volunteers and schools, a total of approximately 9 tons of garbage was collected.

Junior Achievement Cyprus:

Program “mind REset'

The environmental, educational, business program Mind REset is implemented in collaboration with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement Cyprus and the support of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth. It is a modern, environmental idea development program with five areas of action, based on the five areas of focus of the REset Plastic international strategy, which was launched in 2018 by the Schwarz Group and in which Lidl Cyprus also actively participates, for a planet with less plastic. The educational program enables 5th and 6th grade elementary school students and 1st and 2nd grade high school students to get in touch with innovation by creating a virtual business with the goal of reducing the use of plastic in everyday life. In total, since the launch of the program in 2021, 140 schools (94 Primary and 46 High Schools) from all over Cyprus and 9,000 students have participated.

Let’s Do It! Cyprus

From 2021,the company is the major sponsor and supports the Pan-Cypriot Clean-up Campaign Let's Do It! Cyprus, from the Together Cyprus Volunteer Network. The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness on issues related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of the terrestrial and marine environment, offering relief to the Cyprus ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that in October 2023, Lidl Cyprus in collaboration with Let's Do It! Cyprus, as well as the valuable contribution and active coordination of the Municipalities of Nicosia, Lakatamia and Strovolos, carried out the largest parallel cleaning ever carried out in Cyprus, at the 14 km long Pediau Linear Park in Nicosia. From this cleanup, over 6,650 liters of garbage (mixed garbage and PMD) were collected from the whole park with the help of volunteers from schools, associations and Lidl Cyprus staff.

Sustainable Gastronomy Competition


Lidl Cyprus has for the last three years organized the Sustainable Gastronomy Competition, which is now an institution for culinary students, who are informed and compete to create a menu and techniques that meet specific criteria of sustainable gastronomy, such as seasonality and the use of local sustainable products, as well as the recycling and saving of raw materials. The competition takes place at the Lidl Food Academy and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment as well as the Association of Cyprus Chefs. It is worth noting that in 2023 the competition in question attracted the largest participation from colleges/schools than any other year.


< p>Anti-Cancer Association of Cyprus

For more than ten years, the company consistently supports the great work of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, the full coverage of the Food Program of the “Arodafnousa” Palliative Care Center, as well as the operating expenses of two rooms of the Center. At the same time, he often supports fundraisers and charitable fundraising activities, such as covering all the expenses of the two “200 Guitars with Nikos Portokaloglou” concerts held in January for the financial support of the Association. It is important to mention that the total contribution of Lidl Cyprus to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association from 2013 until today exceeds the amount of €1,000,000, contributing significantly to the fight of people with cancer experience.

< strong>Cyprus Red Cross

With a goalto create a chain of love and social contribution to all without discrimination and borders, since 2013 Lidl Cyprus has been supporting the work of the Cyprus Red Cross. The company has financed, among others, the Children's Therapeutic Center of the “Stella Soulioti” foundation and the “Love Packages” social contribution program.

Contributed,at the same time, in the upgrading of the First Aid teams and services, including the purchase of vehicles for the movements that are needed and necessary for the transport of various items in the event of a crisis, as well as in the support of the Crisis Management Program that was implemented thanks to its contribution. In addition, Lidl Cyprus has created an emergency action framework where in cases where the Organization's services need immediate support, it contributes, among other things, to product sponsorships to cover the food needs of people in need.

Center for Talented Youth Scholarships

Lidl Cypruspromoting innovation, since 2016 it supports the Center for Talented Youth Greece (CTY) of Anatolia College, annually covering the costs of 40 partial or 20 full scholarships to talented children from Cyprus. The program is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of Cyprus and is a member of the European Council of High Ability (ECHA). The program advisor is the Center for Talented Youth of John Hopkins University. Since the beginning of the partnership, Lidl Cyprus has proceeded with the full or partial coverage of a total of 128 scholarships.

Lidl Wellness Camp

With the motto “Food for thought”, Lidl Cyprus has created the innovative Lidl Wellness Camp program from 2020, on the occasion of World Food Day. It is a special innovative “wellness camp” dedicated to good health and balanced nutrition which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO and the Cyprus All-Cypriot Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists. The goal of the organization is to inform and raise public awareness about balanced nutrition, highlighting the need to adopt good habits to protect individual health.

Program “Food Academy for Children”

This is for a program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of Cyprus that aims to teach the children of the A΄ Gymnasium, in the context of the Home Economics lesson, the benefits of properly thought out home cooking based on a balanced diet. The program has been running with great success since 2018 and has already trained over 2,000 children from all over Cyprus in matters related to conscious, healthy eating. The program courses are conducted at the Lidl Food Academy by a chef trainer with the support of a nutritionist/nutritionist. It is worth noting that the company has also created a mobile version of the Academy, the Lidl Food Academy on the GO, in order to carry out the said program in remote schools.


Responsible Products

With a sense of responsibilityfacing the consumer public as well as the environment, Lidl Cyprus offers a responsibly designed range of products that respect the environment, society and the health of consumers. At the same time, it creates the conditions for its customers, so that their purchasing habits are shaped by focusing on their health and sustainability. To ensure responsible products, it has secured a series of certifications and markings on its private label products, which confirm the company's high standards for quality and products. You can find more about the markings and certifications of the company's products here:


A better tomorrow for everyone

From the responsible products, all the Corporate Social Responsibility actions of Lidl Cyprus concerning the axes “Good for the Planet” and “Good for People”, have a common goal, “Good for You” . The “Good for You” axis encompasses the entire philosophy and goals of the company, focusing on each and every one of them, marching on the road to a better tomorrow for everyone.


Pigasou 2, Aradippou Industrial Area,

7100 Aradippou, Larnaca

Tel: 80094404

Website: https://www.lidl.com.cy



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