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Lignadi trial: His ex-partner burns him – “He confessed to having sex with minors”

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The course of her relationship with Dimitris Lignadis and what she found out about the accused while she was in contact with him, she testified in court as a witness who had testified to the prosecutor's office a few hours before an arrest warrant was issued for the artist.

The A woman described what happened from her acquaintance, in 2000, with the accused for raping underage boys, until 2016, when their relationship ended, which since 2004 had taken on an erotic character.

According to the witness, she had seen the accused with underage boys and young people, while he himself had admitted to her that he had sex with minors. He stressed, however, that he had never seen him with the four complainants and that he did not know them.

In her testimony, the witness said that from 2004 onwards their relationship developed into an erotic one, but with fluctuations separation intervals and tensions. In the summer of 2004, as he mentioned, they were in Paros for a vacation and there he saw him with a minor boy, a reason for which there was a dispute between them.

“I was pressured by his behavior, he was manipulative. In 2008 I decided to leave Athens, because I was under pressure. “I was trapped in this situation,” said the witness, who added that due to a health issue she returned to Athens in 2013, when she came in contact again with the accused who “told me to divorce my partner.” Then we stopped talking until 2016. He asked me to contact him again, but I told him that bad things are heard about you that you are dating young boys “.

In her testimony, the woman claimed that she had twice received physical violence from him Lignadis and how he had spoken in 2017 to a police officer about the behavior of the accused, but also about the minor boys. “I mentioned his name. He (the police officer) told me that there is no criminal offense as far as I am concerned and that there is no lawsuit against the accused for the rest “. She also referred to a specific incident with a minor who was at the artist's house while she was there.

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