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Like the good old wine!

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 Σαν το παλικ αλo κρασi!

Bogadinov in very high flights! Like good old wine, it is going through a period of amazing form. You have Bogadinov, you have your home insured…

Marinos Satsias is the one who pulled Bogadinov out of the mothballs and took him off the ground. The Cypriot coach trusts him and the Skopje goalkeeper completely vindicates him.

They had written him off

Bogadinov may be the son-in-law of the president Kiki Filippou but it seems that “someone” had decided to end him before his time. But he gives his answers on the field and refutes them in the most deafening way. It's no wonder. When you have Bogadinov, do you want another goalkeeper?

He was third in line!

Before Satsias went to Dasaki, Bogadinov was permanently on the bench and third in line afterwards Panagi and Markovics. In fact, the Serbian Dusan Markovic was initially acquired in the summer to be the main player. When Markovic was not convinced, Konstantinos Panagi was acquired as a starter. In the end the one who stands out the most is Bogadinov.

Both with Omonia and Apollo

Both with Omonia and with Apollo he showed his great class. The former international Skopje goalkeeper is in great form. He was the leader with Apollon, he gave the point to his team, while he did the same in the 2-2 draw with Omonia where he was again impressive.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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