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Lillikas dragonfly lawsuit filed in the Nicosia District Court for publication of “P” in February '13

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Marketway's relationship with the French Publicis Groupe and the agreements of this group with the Cyprus Tourism Organization were a dominant issue in yesterday's proceedings in the Nicosia District Court, regarding the libel lawsuit filed by George Lillikas against the newspaper “Polis” years ago. ». The hearing of the case started on the 21st of last October, while yesterday the second trial took place.

The former politician considered the defamatory article of “Politis” on February 10, 2013 while he was a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. The subject of this publication of our newspaper was the contracts totaling 9.5 million euros that the CTO had distributed in the period 2004-2007 and the relationship of the companies Marketway, Publicis and Sporteam with the whole issue. During this period, Mr. Lillikas served, among others, as Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism (3/2003 – 6/2006). As it is known, Marketway was a company of interests of his ex-wife, Barbara Petropoulou, with whom he was married during the disputed period. What “Politis” had written at that time was based on data, including a letter / note from the CTO dated 10/01/2013, ie one month earlier, and which was entitled: “CTO cooperation with Marketway / Publicis / Sporteam” .

The examination

Continuing the re-examination of George Lillikas, the defense of “P” citing documents and data, raised the issue of cooperation between Marketway and the French group of advertising and promotion services Publicis Groupe. This group benefited from contracts with the CTO. Among other things, the legal defense of our newspaper invoked a specific presumption. These were documents presented by Publicis associates and which -among other things- contained the phrase “Marketway / Publicis – Nicosia”.

This document and the question submitted by the legal representative of “P” to Mr. Lillikas, occupied for a relatively long time. It is indicative that the lawyer of the latter, Mr. George Christofidis, objected.

Finally, Mr. Lillikas, after the court's decision to answer the relevant question, said that he did not know the origin of the document, while he added that Marketway had an agreement with Publicis Worldwide. One of “P”'s lawyers returned, citing another presumption. He then submitted that Publicis Hellas is presented as a member of a joint venture with Marketway. The 61-year-old former -now- politician replied that he could not know this because he had been away from Marketway since 2002.

Mr. Lillikas on several occasions argued that the issue of CTO contracts with various companies and the possible involvement of him and Marketway, were considered by Parliament and specifically by the parliamentary Committee on Development Plans and Control of Public Expenditure in February 2005, without giving rise to anything reprehensible against him. He said that the chairman of the parliamentary committee, Christos Pourgouridis, did not even give gifts to the ministers of the Democratic Alarm from which he came, wanting to indicate that he would not treat him leniently either.

Furthermore, Mr. Lillikas reiterated his well-known position that Marketway and Publicis had no shareholding relationship, only cooperation. And that in the context of this cooperation, Marketway had the right to use the name and logo of the international group.

Examined, in some cases he raised the position that with the disputed publication of “P” he was accused of “abuse of power”, with the defense of “P” answering that “your interpretations are yours”.

Mr. Lillikas, on the occasion of a suggestion that evidence submitted by him does not invalidate what is recorded in the disputed publication, referred to the official position of two ministers under Christofias, who freed him from any shadow. And he wondered, “Well, do I have to prove I'm not a camel?”

The next trial is set for the 15th of this month.

Source: politis.com.cy

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