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Limassol: Four people were detained for 8 days for attempted murder

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Limassol: Four people were detained for 8 days for attempted murder

The Limassol District Court issued an eight-day detention order against the four people arrested in connection with the attempted murder case that took place on Tuesday night, during which a 50-year-old British Cypriot vehicle was shot at.

Three more people are wanted in the case, while a loaded pistol has been identified.

Specifically, two brothers from Albania, 37 and 32 years old, a 26-year-old expatriate from Georgia and a 39-year-old Greek Cypriot, were detained, who were allegedly with the first suspect at the scene, when he shot the 50-year-old's vehicle in the open. of Limassol.

According to the complaint, the 50-year-old had some financial disputes with the 37-year-old, whom he had previously hosted and suspected of breaking into his house in Nicosia, a few weeks ago, something he himself denied.

Last Monday, the 1st suspect visited the complainant with the 2nd and 3rd suspect, telling him that he could find part of the property stolen from his house and specifically three mobile phones, while on Thursday an appointment was arranged in Limassol to deliver the mobile phones.

The 50-year-old arrived in Limassol outside a hotel in the tourist area and then two people who also arrived by vehicle, guided him to the place where the 37-year-old was waiting for him, along with two other people. When he refused to get out of his vehicle, the 37-year-old pulled out a pistol and shot at the driver's door, causing the complainant to flee.

This was followed by a phone call from the 2nd suspect, who asked the 50-year-old for a sum of 1,100 euros because he had told some people to place an explosive device in his brother's vehicle, a claim that the complainant rejects.

Yesterday, the Police searched the apartment of the two brothers, in which the 39-year-old Greek Cypriot was also located, while a search of his vehicle turned up a pistol with seven cartridges. He claimed that he had lent his vehicle to the two brothers and did not know about the existence of the pistol, while he places himself and all the suspects at the scene of the incident.

The 37-year-old Albanian, although he puts himself on the scene and admits possession of the pistol, denies that he shot, although the vehicle is hit by a bullet. He also claims that he had secured the pistol from a person of Bulgarian origin.

His brother denies any involvement, while from further examinations, it was found that he is illegally in the territory of the Republic, as he had been deported from the Republic, while his details are on the list as of April 2, 2015.

The third suspect was arrested when it was found that he owned the vehicle that guided the 50-year-old to the scene, as well as the mobile phone number from which one of the phone calls to the complainant was made. During interrogation, the suspect places himself on the stage but denies what the complainant complained about.

Only the 3rd suspect appeared in court with a lawyer, while no one objected to the request of the Police for 8 days detention, which was approved by the court.

They are being investigated for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal possession, transport and use of a Class B firearm and explosives, and for demanding money with threats of theft. Offenses of illegal entry and illegal stay in the territory of the Republic and illegal immigrant are also being investigated against the 2nd suspect.

Police are continuing to investigate to find the evidence, both of the Bulgarian who allegedly gave the pistol to the 37-year-old, as well as two other people who were at the scene.

Source: politis.com.cy

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