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LIVE Andreas Dimitriou: “The administration understands and recognizes. Everyone is under evaluation… »

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The spokesperson of Omonia appeared on the show “Total Green”. Andreas Dimitriou is invited to the studio and is expected to be mentioned the next day, after the defeat by Apollon. The greens are with their backs to the wall and the data have made it very difficult to meet their goals.


Regarding the game with Apollo and the possibility of adjusting goals: “The administration recognizes the scoring situation. Understands the feelings of the world. We have Thursday's game for the cup and that with PAEEK. We have 5 games left in the first phase. “Everyone has to do their best to get as many points as we can, so that we can have a chance later for something more.”

Regarding the concern of the people and the strong reactions: “The administration is at the disposal of the people for answers. The administration is represented by me today. We take into account the views of the people, we listen to them and we are saddened. No one imagined that the season would start like this, but in football it is possible. What we care about is how the team will get out of this situation. The management showed that it can get the team out of unpleasant situations. I think it should be credited, time should be given “.

For the appearance of Omonia: “Even with this appearance, we managed to create 3-4 good opportunities. We conceded two goals, as we conceded them… It's a real pity “.

For the administration of the greens: “I assure you that the administration sees things clearly. The demands are great from everyone. I know the views of the people. We respect them and understand them. We know that it is through their love that they are anxious and want the good of the team “.

For the mistake of Letsiaks who brought the second goal of Apollon: “Letsiaks is an exceptional child, a professional, it hurts the shirt he wears. “He feels very upset with these circumstances at his expense.”

Regarding the absences: “We had the misfortune with Kousoulos. Eric was twice left out due to links. Youste, Fabiano, the coronavirus με We played without seven players on the AD list. I will not enter into this process, excuses have no place in Omonia. The administration also said that from the first day “.

For the set: “It is a fact that we do not threaten, we scored a few goals this way. That fact must be taken into account. “

To address the management: “I thank the people for responding to today's show. That means he cares. The management is not satisfied with the collective presence in the season. Most players continue in the team, however the presence is not at the level it was last year. We are in the process of researching and finding solutions. If management finds the solutions, it will do what is needed. The management has shown that whatever decisions are for the good of the team, it takes them and implements them. The requirements are very high. I repeat, the management recognizes the situation in which the team is. We understand the emotions. “

On technical leadership: “Like everyone, technical leadership is always under evaluation. “Everyone is judged based on the work they do in the team and the results they bring.”

Regarding the possibility of replacing Larkos or changing the model: “Do not expect people to see developments soon. The administration will deal with this issue towards the end of the season. That is where the administration will judge. At this time the management evaluates the team, monitors the procedures λει It wants to understand what the team needs, what is the appropriate model. This period is useful for the administration to see how it will proceed. No model is ruled out. “

For the January transfer window: “The management expects the technical leadership to submit its proposals for players it deems suitable to join the roster. The administration is waiting. It is not the president who will decide the quantity and the positions. We are waiting for the proposals for which players it deems should be included. It's an issue that is being handled by the technical leadership. “

For the budget: “The levels are known. No transfer has been stopped for financial reasons, nor have strict limits been set for January aid. So I say it again, we are waiting for the proposals of the technical leadership. The planning team knows the budget. There are no strict limits. If it needs to be exceeded, it will be done “.

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