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Long-term social contribution of the Lanitis Group to key pillars of our society

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All the actions of social responsibility and donation on behalf of the companies of the Lanitis Group, are expressed through the Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation

Διαχρονικor κο&iota ;νωνικor προσφορα του Ομλλου Λανλ&tau ;η σε βασικοyς πυλoνες της κοινω&nu ;iας μας

Lanitis Grouphas always been an organization with special social sensitivities, always combining business and economic development with the offer to society as a whole. The timeless social influence of the Lanitis family and by extension the Lanitis Group covers the fields of Education, Health and Culture.

Special mentioncould be done for the construction of the Lanitei Gymnasium in Limassol, the financing of its library and the construction of the Lanitei Stadium in the city of Limassol, as a result of the Lanitis family's donations. Also, it is worth noting that the late Evagoras Lanitis was – along with other prominent businessmen – one of the pioneers of the first organization and later institutionalization of the Radio Marathon institution. The contribution of the Lanitis Group in their field of archeology is also significant, since significant funding was made for the promotion of their important ancient monuments such as the ancient port of Amathus, the medieval mansion of Kouklia, etc.

In 2000the Lanitis Group restores and remodels the preserved buildings of the warehouses and the Lanitis Carob Mill into a modern recreation and events space and, at the same time, creates the Carob Museum in the same space. As far as the health sector is concerned, in 2011 the Evagorio Palliative Care Center of the Anti-Cancer Association was built and equipped in Limassol with a donation from the Lanitis family.

The whole of social activities responsibility and contribution on behalf of the companies of the Group, from 2001 onwards is expressed through the Evagoras Foundation & Kathleen Lanitis which was founded in memory of Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis with the aim of continuing their social work.

Evagoras Foundation & Kathleen Lanitis

The FoundationEvagora and Kathleen Lanitis is the continuation of the realization of the vision of the Lanitis group for the practical, timeless contribution of the family and the group to Cyprus and its society. The Foundation was founded in November 2001 by Kostas, Plato, Mario and Isabella Lanitis, children of Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis. It is a non-profit organization, which continues the social contribution and contribution of the late Evagoras Lanitis and for this purpose the Foundation was created in his memory.

Culture, the Education and Health are the foundation's main pillars of action, which the Lanitis Group and its subsidiary companies use as a “vehicle” in order, through a specific plan of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, to support specific areas of actions and events that promote and advance the human achievements, actively supporting society and the place in general.

Regardingin the field of Culture specifically, during its years of operation, the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation organized a series of important cultural and educational events such as exhibitions, conferences, lectures, etc., in collaboration with local and international organizations. Examples of such important events are the exhibitions “In the Light of the Shadow”, “Illuminating the Sports Body”, “Weaving the Greek Myths”, “Hyperlinks”, “Terpandros – Reconstructions of Ancient Musical Instruments”, “Toulouse Lautrec”, “Nautilus” etc. .a.

The FoundationEvagoras and Kathleen Lanitis, in the context of the above events, he collaborated with major international organizations such as the Olympic Museum of Lausanne and the Petit Palais Museum of Fine Arts in Paris, as well as with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the CTO, the University of Cyprus, etc. . More recently, the Foundation's areas of action focus on specific actions that are repeated on a long-term basis.

The main ones are the following:

• Long-term support of the Anti-Cancer Cyprus Association, with specific support actions for the Association's Evagorio Relief Center in Limassol.

• Strategic cooperation and support to the Foundation Radiomarathon for Children with Special Needs.

• Support for the organization of Limassol Annual International Documentary Festival and the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Conference.

The Foundation is supervised by its Board of Directors, which includes members of the Lanitis family as well as independent members, such as the Mayor of Limassol. The Foundation's activities are managed by a 5-member Executive Committee, which is also responsible for the creation and execution of the annual action plan.

The Foundation Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis was born from timeless principles and values. It advocates the essence of the value of social solidarity and acts with the aim of selfless giving to the place and society, expressing the disposition of people who seek the best for their place.



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