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Looking for… drug for medical cannabis – Cultivation licenses stuck

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The Ministry of Health is providing expert services for conducting a study on the cultivation, production and marketing of medicinal cannabis in Cyprus, which is prescribed for the treatment of serious medical diseases. In this direction, the Ministry of Health requested from the Parliament the release of an amount of € 240,000. The recruitment of experts is considered very important as it requires a high degree of specialization and know-how. The experts will be invited to analyze the costs, the benefits, but also the possible challenges, the advantages and the disadvantages of this project in the Republic of Cyprus. In addition, they will be asked to present the practice followed in other EU countries and to submit relevant models. Based on the study that will be prepared, a decision will be made as to whether, eventually, the three licenses for cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis provided in the law passed by Parliament in 2018, and proved to be particularly problematic. The Parliament passed a law with many legal ambiguities and as it was revealed during its discussion in the competent parliamentary committee, the mentioned bill was submitted to the Parliament by the Pharmaceutical Services without informing the address of the Ministry of Health! At the same time, foreign investors and companies operating in the field of cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis are pushing for the implementation of legislation in order to expand their activities in Cyprus. These are investments of tens of millions of euros. The interests are many, to the point that a company active in this field offered to inform MPs in Switzerland, where its facilities are located, about how the medical cannabis is produced with all the expenses paid. And all this, a few 24 hours before the controversial bill is submitted to the plenary of the Parliament for voting. The trip was postponed to the last by the Parliament in order not to erupt a scandal that MPs accepted free travel from foreign businessmen.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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