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Los Angeles: Thanks to the last missing cow that escaped from the slaughterhouse

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The last cow that went missing after escaping from a slaughterhouse, along with about forty others, was found yesterday Thursday, however, it will be given thanks after the intervention of a celebrity, the singer and composer Diane Warren, who took the initiative to save his life of.

The cows were moved when they burst out of a slaughterhouse on Tuesday night, ending their days, but probably not the sheriff's assistants and cavalry officers who were forced to surrender to a long rodeo in Pico Rivera, east of Los Angeles. to collect them.

The cows, after escaping, roamed the streets of Pico Rivera for hours during the night. Some were grazing on the lawn of the gardens, others were jumping fences or walking carelessly on the road, surprising unsuspecting drivers, until the sheriff's assistants picked up the 38. Another cow escaped from the slaughterhouse, but not from death: attacked a family member on the ground, and a police officer shot and killed her so that there would be no more casualties.

The last ignored cow enjoyed a few hours of freedom while it was spotted early yesterday by a passer-by, as it was grazing carelessly in a field, a few kilometers from the slaughterhouse. A Pico Rivera spokesman later said yesterday that her life would be saved thanks to Diane Warren, a Californian songwriter and composer who has international hits, film music, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award and two Golden Globes.

The musician took the initiative to “facilitate the release” of the animal “in collaboration with local shelters”. The municipality is also discussing with the owners of the slaughterhouse the possibility that the other cows that broke out should be taken to shelters, the spokesman explained.

Source: KYPE

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