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Lottidou's intervention to reject refugee naturalization. Requests reconsideration

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Lottidou's intervention to reject refugee naturalization – Requests reconsideration – The history of the case

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To immediately review the application of a recognized refugee who has been living in Cyprus for the last 20 years, for naturalization, and which was rejected on the basis of the criterion “< strong>good character, the Commissioner of Administration, Maria Stylianou-Lottidis, calls the Ministry of the Interior in her report.

In particular, the Commissioner recommends to the Minister of the Interior, to whom she also submits the Report, how, within the framework of his responsibilities, he ensures that the complainant's request to acquire Cypriot citizenship through naturalization, “receives an immediate review”, taking into account her findings in relation to the case.

As stated in the Report, the complaint was submitted by Korina Drousiotou, Coordinator of the non-governmental organization Cyprus Refugee Council (CRC) regarding the rejection, the May 2021, an application submitted by a recognized refugee, for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by naturalization, based on the criterion of the legislation that requires the applicant to be of good character.

The CRC reported/claimed that the complainant has been residing in Cyprus for the last 20 years, as he came to the country with his family in 2001, at the age of only 7 and grew up in Cyprus with his mother, since his father, abandoned them, the Report states.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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