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Loukaidis (AKEL), Sophocleous (DISY), Antoniadis (DIKO), Tryfonidis (DIPA) comment on the candidacy of Christodoulidis (audio)

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Yesterday's announcement of Nikos Christodoulidis' candidacy for the 2023 presidential elections provoked strong but also mild reactions in the political world and party executives. Michalis Sophocleous (executive director of the Glafkos Clerides Institute), Alekos Tryfonidis (Parliamentary Representative of DIPA) as well as Athos Antoniadis (secretary general of the Democratic Party).

He should be accountable first

“I hold the independent candidacy of the former Foreign Minister, who declares that he is on alert and has been a member of the current government for nine years. He should -although he will try to avoid it-, be accountable for the actions of the government and then someone would expect to say what will change “, said George Loukaidis to Politis 107.6 and 97.6. In fact, he wondered what is the difference between the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Averof Neophytou and the disagreements in the government's decisions? especially in the Cyprus issue, he said that “I imagine that no one will ask Mr. Mavrogiannis to comment on issues such as hospitals or corruption”, while the argument of some that Mr. Mavrogiannis should be considered co-responsible for the golden passports was ridiculous and funny.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, “Mr. Mavrogiannis differentiated himself with the handling of the Cyprus issue and we used it as AKEL”, he said and indicated that the decisions on the Cyprus issue were taken by someone other than Mr. Mavrogiannis with whom AKEL cooperated. Mr. Mavrogiannis at an unsuspecting time spoke about the collapse of the narrative of our side, and spoke publicly about the unreliability of our side, the MP noted.

Listen to the position of George Loukaidis, in ” Morning Inspection “broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ 107.6 · MORNING INSPECTION 13 & # 8211; 05 & # 8211; 2022 GIORGOS LOUKAIDIS

You are not going ahead with & # 8230; wish lists & # 8230;

The strongest reaction was clearly expressed by the Democratic Alarm camp, where initially through the mouth of Averof Neophytou, but also later through an official statement of the party's spokesman, it was implied that the former Foreign Minister, as an official candidate, simultaneously placed himself in opposition. . The baton from Averof Neophytou and Dimitris Dimitriou was taken today by Michalis Sophocleous (executive director of the Glafkos Clerides Institute).

Speaking on the show “Morning Inspection”, Mr. Sophocles told Politis 107.6 and 97.6 that he expected to hear a vision for the country with direction and not with wishes. He said that in contrast to the former Foreign Minister, Averof Neophytou, when he announced, gave direction for what his country wants to be directed. “It's not a record of challenges, crises and problems.” strong>Listen to the position of Michalis Sophocleous, in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

CITIZEN 107.6 · MORNING INSPECTION 13 & # 8211; 05 & # 8211; 2022 MICHALIS SOFOKLEOUS

& # 8216; It was expected

DIPA MP Alekos Tryfonidis, regarding the presidential elections, said that it was expected with what is happening in recent months. “We insist on the formation of a government of wide acceptance and it is together with DIKO that this effort is made and we will exhaust every margin,” he added. We are making this effort through contacts with both DISY and AKEL – Mr. Mavrogiannis is also a proposal – and with DIKO and we insist on this effort, he noted. “If it does not work then we will evaluate the political scene,” he explained.

He said of the former Foreign Minister that “Mr. Christodoulidis said he was proud that he was an active member of the Anastasiadis Government in an important position and gave his vision outlining the future. “We and the Government had our agreements and disagreements.” Asked if their & # 8221; does & # 8221; for a candidate, he said that this decision will be made collectively. Asked what criteria the candidate for DIPA must meet, he said that “positions must be put down to agree”.

Listen to the position of Alekos Trifonidis, in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ 107.6 · MORNING INSPECTION 13 & # 8211; 05 & # 8211; 2022 ALEKOS TRYFONIDIS

Absolutely respect the right of every citizen to get involved in politics

In his own position, the secretary general of DIKO, Athos Antoniadis, stated that the internal party dialogue continues in DIKO and in this context of Mr. Christodoulidis's announcement, “it will give us the opportunity to discuss with him and officially the possibility of a possible cooperation, to hear its positions and there it will really be transparent if there is perspective and convergences. This will be evident later, of course, in the contacts of the party president with Mr. Christodoulidis “. Asked about this, he said that the right of every citizen to get involved in politics and to form a party in the future is absolutely respected.

Listen to the position of Athos Antoniadis, in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

CITIZEN 107.6; MORNING INSPECTION 13 & # 8211; 05 & # 8211; 2022 ATHOS ANTONIADIS

Source: politis.com.cy

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