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Low electricity reserves of the “electricity authority” in the occupied territories – Ship carrying fuel returned to Israel

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The information that the occupied areas remain with a small stock of fuel for the supply of the power generation units, was broadcast on Thursday from its website by “Kibris Postasi”.

According to “Kibris Postasi”, in order to meet the needs, the occupied areas continue to receive electricity from the Cyprus Electricity Authority and increase the production of a unit in the occupied areas, which is managed by the Turkish “AKSA”.

“Kibris Postasi” also broadcasts the information that the inspections carried out on a tanker transporting fuel to the occupied areas showed that the cargo of the ship was “problematic” .

“According to the results of the fuel analysis, while the total amount of precipitation should not exceed 0.1, in the cargo was 0.13. Also, while the carbon residue should not exceed 15 values, in the load it was 15.5. The compatibility value that normally should be 1 in the load was 5. Finally, while the cleanliness value that should normally be 1 in the load was 5 “, it is noted in the post.

Based on the above prices, the ship belonging to the company “Sidereal”, returned to Israel.

“Kibris Postasi” transmits the information that in the shadow of the new development, the occupied remain with a fuel reserve of two days. It also recalls that the “electricity authority” has reduced electricity production by 50% due to lack of fuel.

Source: KYPE

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Source: politis.com.cy

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