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Lung abscess: What are the symptoms (pictures)

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Lung abscess: What are the symptoms (pictures)

Pulmonary abscess is the result of a bacterial infection, which leads to the destruction of part of the lung tissue and consequently accumulates at the point of pus and the abscess forms.

Lung abscess is extremely dangerous and its treatment is a challenge for doctors.

The abscess can be primary or secondary and is the result of infection by various bacterial strains.

Primary abscess is a direct result of infection (eg pneumonia), while secondary abscess is due to other, indirect causes, such as obstruction or abnormality in the lung, foreign bodies in the body or infection that affects other tissues and organs.

Those who consume large amounts of alcohol for many years or have recently become ill (especially with pneumonia) are at greater risk of developing a lung abscess.

The most obvious symptom that occurs when there is an abscess in the lung is a strong cough accompanied by a foul-smelling phlegm containing blood or pus.

Other accompanying symptoms are:

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