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M. Harari: Calls for action to close the Aphrodite / Gisai dispute

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M. Harari: Calls for action to close the Aphrodite / Gisai dispute

Former Israeli ambassador to Cyprus M. Harari is calling for moves to resolve the dispute between Cyprus and Israel over gas reserves in the neighboring Aphrodite / Gisai plots. In an article published in the Israeli “Glops”, M. Harari calls for “action to resolve the dispute” between the two countries.

According to the Israeli diplomat, “Israel should take advantage of the regional alliance system and the Biden government's assumption of duties in order to resolve the dispute over the common gas reservoir with Cyprus.”

In his article, M. Harari notes that the discovery of natural gas in the exclusive economic zones of Israel, Cyprus and Egypt “was an important catalyst for the development of a new regional architecture.” He stressed that “the bilateral relationship between Israel and Cyprus, which has become very close in the last decade, has in many ways been the cornerstone of other regional cooperation.”

In the same text, he notes the strong reaction of Turkey to the energy forum established by countries in the region. He says the Turkish reaction is aimed at sending the message that no co-operation and decision can be implemented without taking Turkey into account.

Harari goes on to say: “An Israeli-Cypriot agreement on the development of the Aphrodite / Gisai gas pipeline can and must be a tangible milestone in the conflict of interests in the region.” It then refers to the efforts made between the countries in order to reach an agreement on the exploitation of the stocks located in that region.


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Mr. Harari lists four reasons why he considers it important for Israel and Cyprus to immediately reach an agreement on natural gas in the Aphrodite / Gisai sections:

First, the completion of the agreement and the commercial exploitation of natural gas will provide a sample of the fruits of the forged regional cooperation in an area known for its instability.

Secondly, given the very close cooperation between the two countries, it is surprising that a common technical issue has not been resolved. And it's important in view of the efforts that Israel and Lebanon are making to reach an agreement between them. An Israeli-Cypriot agreement will send an encouraging message to the entire Middle East.

Third, such a move would be welcomed by the Biden government. Let's not forget that the American company Chevron, one of the owners in the piece, has recently joined the club of the Eastern Mediterranean. The resolution of the issue will also contribute to its commercial promotion. Aphrodite / Gisai deal will help commercialize gas from the region at a time when oil companies are reluctant to invest huge sums due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fourth, on the Turkish stance. In recent weeks, Ankara has shown interest in improving its relations in the international arena, especially with the United States, the European Union, and even Israel.

Concluding, M. Harari says that the dispute between Israel and Cyprus should be resolved as soon as possible.

M. Harari: Calls for action to close the Aphrodite / Gisai dispute

Source: www.philenews.com

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