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M. Panagiotou: Through the CAP Strategic Plan 455 million in the Cypriot agricultural sector

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Μ. Παναγιωτου : ΜουΣτικοδοτη σΑΠστοιγεγκ ;o τομe&alpha?

Through the CAP Strategic Plan for the period 2023-2027, a total amount of approximately 455 million euros will be channeled into the Cypriot agricultural sector, of which approximately 374 million euros are a European contribution, an amount that covers both Rural Development and Direct Aid , said the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou.

Speaking in her videotaped message at the 7th Pan-Cypriot Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Conference, the Minister stated that the Cyprus CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 includes incentives for the modernization of agricultural and livestock holdings and the creation of Producer Groups and Organizations with the aim of reducing production costs, which is increased, with the aim of better planning of production but also improving the competitiveness of products while preserving and improving the environment.

Through Intervention 4.1.1, he continued, support is provided from a Budget of 26 million euros to modernize, improve the competitiveness of the overall performance and the sustainability of agricultural holdings.

The Mr. Panagiotou said that in recent years, the agriculture and livestock sector has faced various challenges, which highlighted the importance of the primary sector for the country's economy. Recently, he noted, our country has been tested by a period of drought, a consequence of the climate crisis.

Unlike most European countries, he said, a large percentage of animal feed is imported into our country. This fact, he noted, largely determines the cost and competitiveness of the livestock sector. Cyprus, he continued, is greatly affected by international grain prices and their transportation costs, since the only way to transport them is by sea.

“To make the agricultural sector more competitive we have launched a concerted effort to support it. In particular, with the Linked Support, the National Transitional Support, through the Rural Development Program, and through the temporary framework for State Aids, we gave a breath of life to the agricultural world”, he added.

Referring to her recent participation in the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, in Brussels, she said that there is now an urgent need to formulate measures to deal with the situation resulting from the drought, with the aim of securing current and future food production in Cyprus.

We also discussed, he noted, the possibility of granting the necessary flexibility to the Member States to adapt measures from the CAP to support our farmers”. The Commission invited the Cypriot authorities to a dialogue in order to find appropriate measures and therefore, our country, in cooperation with the Member States participating in MED9, is starting to formulate a framework of measures that meet the needs of the Member States facing common problems and can be immediately and effectively implemented,” he added.

In a welcome address to the Conference, the Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Andreas Grigoriou said that the Ministry, within the framework of the National Agricultural Policy, in order to support farmers and strengthen competitiveness and sustainability, applies a series of measures aimed at modernizing agricultural holdings, improving the position of producers in the food chain, upgrading the socio-economic conditions in which farmers operate, protecting the environment, ensuring food security and producing safe products for consumers.

“The vision for the Agricultural Policy of Cyprus is realized through financial opportunities provided by the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) of the EU. and the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. Through projects and actions, new employment opportunities are created and the development of rural areas is sought, as well as the improvement of the quality of life, the sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of the environment”, he added.

The measures implemented, he said, contribute to addressing important challenges, such as the need to maintain the viability of units in the primary sector, particularly in the difficult environment created by successive crises, reform and strengthening competitiveness of the agricultural and livestock economy, the effects of climate change, the rational management of water resources at a time when the consequences of climate change are already intense and the need to intensify efforts in areas such as waste management, nature protection, and animal welfare.

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