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M. Schoinas: The goal is to have the digital certificate ready before the summer

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M. Schoinas: The goal is to have the digital certificate ready before the summer

European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schoinas shares the optimism that there will soon be an agreement on the vaccination certificate in the EU. “But now, after the last Summit, I think there will be convergence in the need for this digital certificate, which will be a European product. It will be the same all over Europe “, the vice-president of the Commission stated characteristically in an interview with ERT, in the show” Special Missions “.

In this context, Margaritis Schoinas outlined the Commission's proposal for the vaccination certificate that it will present on March 17. “We are currently in the preparation phase, we believe that this certificate should not have too many elements. “But it must have the following three: To show whether the holder has been vaccinated or not, to show the results of the molecular test, the PCR and to show whether he has antibodies or is already sick,” he said. He also expressed the belief that this combination of the three elements is sufficient for one to be able to exercise one's mobility in Europe, being able to prove the state of health in which one finds oneself.

He made it clear that the European Commission on March 17 will present the specifications of the digital certificate, which will be the same for all of Europe and not the parameters of its use. From the moment the proposal is presented, two additional things need to be done, he explained: The first, to make the decision, will be discussed at the March 25 Summit and in the relevant councils of ministers. The second additional procedure is that a technical elaboration will be needed, so that each member state can allow its citizens to lock, encrypt, enter information into this system.

Mr. Schoinas specified that the goal is for all this to be completed before the summer.

Asked if there could be discrimination issues for those who have not been vaccinated, the Vice-President of the Commission said that criticism of those who say this is the back door of discrimination or abuse of our freedoms is not justified, adding that there will be more than just vaccination. there will be both the PCR element and the antibody element.

With regard to vaccination, the Vice-President of the Commission highlighted that this is the largest and most ambitious vaccination program in the history of human vaccination. “No one has ever bought 2.6 doses of vaccine from six companies for 450,000,000 people,” he added, noting that “we are talking about managing a scientific miracle.”

He further noted that the rate of production is increasing and estimated that by the end of May we will have around the end of June we will have 600,000,000 doses and around April all Europeans over sixty years old will have been vaccinated.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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