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M. Vassiliou: POED's readiness for cooperation with the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The readiness of POED for cooperation to improve and upgrade the Public School, with the new Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Athina Michailidou, is expressed by the President of the Organization, Myria Vassiliou, in statements of the KYPE.

Asked how POED sees the appointment of Athina Michailidou at the helm of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Vassiliou said that “first of all let's congratulate the new Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Athina Michailidou, and wish her every success in the difficult task she has undertaken, for the benefit of our children and Public Education”.

As he mentioned, "we are sure that Mrs. Michailidou, coming from the field of education, knows very well that it is the best place where the dialogue between the involved bodies should take place, with the aim of making decisions in a climate of consensus. and mutual respect”.

"It is worth noting that in the past, POED had a fruitful collaboration with the Minister, then Director of the Pedagogical Institute. As POED, we declare our readiness for cooperation, to improve and upgrade the Public School”, he added.

In response to a question about what are the priorities of POED at the moment, which they will put to the new Minister, when and if a meeting is set between them, Ms. Vassiliou said that among the priorities of the Organization, there are, among many others, issues concerning the support of Kindergartens and the downward extension of the age limit of Compulsory Pre-Primary Education, through the structures of the Public Kindergarten, the improvement of the way of supporting of children with an immigrant background, the abolition of the anachronistic status of the service market, the increase of organizational positions. administrative time of the management team, the effective management of cases of children's delinquent behavior, the Operating Regulations of Primary Education Schools and much more.

Asked what they expect from the new Minister of Education, the President of POED said that they expect that the Ms. Michailidou, will promote those educational policies that will safeguard the prestige and dignity of the educational world.

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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