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Macron – Lepen tough debate on economy and foreign policy

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A huge gap in views between Emanuel Macron and Marin Lepen on the issue of immigration and the so-called headscarf issue was highlighted by their televised discussion on Wednesday night./p>

Marin Le Pen said she wanted to “solve the problem of anarchic and mass immigration” and, to that end, would hold a referendum on immigration to France.

She also asked for more He blamed the French police for “the presumption of legal defense”.

created 10,000 police posts and increased the justice budget by 30% in the last two years.

The outgoing French head of state also claimed that he had increased the means and the collective organization for the fight against genocide, referring to the help and listening lines, the creation of protection bracelets for the removal of violent spouses, the training of police officers and space officers. and sexual violence.

As for the so-called “headscarf” issue, Marin Lepen was in favor of banning it in public.

“I am in favor of banning the headscarf in public because I believe it is a uniform imposed by Islamists,” said Marin Le Pen.

“I am not fighting against the religion of Islam, there is no problem, I am fighting against the Islamist ideology, which attacks gender equality, secularism, democracy and seeks to impose a religious law called sharia,” Lepen insisted. necessary to “close 570 mosques of radicals”. >

Extending this reasoning, “how many police officers and gendarmes will run behind the headscarves?” asked Emmanuel Macron.

“Those who ran after those who did not wear masks”, Marin Lepen countered.

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