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Macron officially from today again President of France

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As of today, Emanuel Macron is officially the new President of the French Republic for another five years. Following a protocol whose roots are in the periods of the monarchy, but also with innovations, such as the presence at the ceremony of almost 500 guests, most of whom were not well known to the general public, but were personally chosen by the president, the re-elected Emanuel Macron heard the President of the French Constitutional Council declare him the winner of the elections, received again the Legion of Honor Necklace traditionally held by the presidents of the Republic and under the sounds of 21 cannons and the national anthem of France inspected the military parades and gave due honors to the Flag. In his short speech, which was largely an anthem to “eternal France”, he also referred to international news, talking about the need to achieve a “European peace” in Ukraine. Regarding the internal affairs of France in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, he avoided specific references, but referred to “ideological sirens from which we thought we had gotten rid of” and to politically “worn choreographies”.

Another “modernity” of today's ceremony was that the new prime minister and the new ministers were not presented. Emanuel Macron does not seem to be in a hurry to reshuffle the current Castex government, while French media reports say he would like a woman prime minister in the government he will appoint in the coming days, which will prioritize environmental issues.

< Today's ceremony was the first of its kind in the coming days for Emanuel Macron. Tomorrow is the victory over Germany in World War II, the day after Europe Day, the occasion of which will be addressed by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and then Emanuel Macron will leave for Berlin, following the tradition of the latter. wants the French president to visit the German chancellor immediately after his election, and vice versa.

Source: politis.com.cy

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