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Macron warns: “Hunger is inevitable if the war in Ukraine does not end”

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The President of France, Emanuel Macron, today proposed an emergency plan for food security, in agreement with the G7, in response to the “famine” risk in many countries, which could be provoked by the war in Ukraine.

In statements after the G7 and NATO summit, the French president urged Moscow to show “responsibility” and allow sowing in Ukraine, as otherwise war could cause in 12 to 18 months “inevitable “to highlight the risk of grain shortages in Egypt and the wider North African region.

” To avoid a food crisis, we must react, “Emanuel Macron said in a post./p>

At the same time, Macron stated that he respects the decision of the French car industry Renault to suspend the operation of its plant in Moscow. He added that it was up to the companies to decide whether they wanted to stay in Russia as long as their industry was not affected by the sanctions. However, he noted the “risk” of reputation and reputation of companies that decided to stay in Russia.

Earlier, the French president had said that the West was ready to impose new sanctions on Russia if necessary, as it continued its efforts to isolate Moscow after the war in Ukraine and force it into a ceasefire.

Source: in.gr

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Source: politis.com.cy

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