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Macron's call to young people via YouTube to participate in the European elections

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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with the online media Le Crayon, which was broadcast on Tuesday 04/06 on YouTube, invited young people to take part in Sunday's European elections. >

“I invite all young people to go and vote on June 9,” the French president said, noting that “not voting means you let others decide for you”. He also said that it is “paradoxical” to see “that young people are increasingly concerned with issues such as the climate, Europe, war, the situation in the Middle East, Ukraine, etc. but they are not interested in politics that has a comprehensive vision for society”.

To mobilize young people, Emmanuel Macron recalled the example of the Brexit referendum in Great Britain in 2016. “Young people abstained en masse. If they had gone to vote, they would have stayed in Europe,” he said.

The French president also noted that “the world is becoming much more violent” and that “the right of the strongest is returning,” pointing out that “the Russia decided to invade Ukraine, Iran to send bombs to Israel and Pakistan and North Korea to threaten their neighbors.

He also sounded the alarm about the rise phenomenon. of the extreme rightunderlining that “if Europe turns out to be naive, it can die”.

Also referring to France's cooperation with Germany, he said that the Franco-German axis is one of the locomotives of Europe, underlining that when this axis does not work, Europe is blocking.

Regarding the possibility of a European army, the French president favored a Europe of defense and the creation of a rapid intervention force in cases where the security of European citizens is at stake.


For his part, Prime Minister Gabriel Atal, speaking to the French National Assembly, said that what is at stake on Sunday is France's ability to defend itself against attempts at foreign intervention. The French prime minister said that events such as the five coffins placed on Saturday around the Eiffel Tower constitute external intervention and seek destabilization at a time when the Europe of defense and security is being created.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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