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Makarios Drousiotis: My personal data was hacked

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Makarios Drousiotis: My personal data was hacked

Journalist, writer and former collaborator of the President Makarios Drousiotis complains of serious allegations of violation of his personal life. In a post on twitter, he mentions – and states that he is ready to document it – that for the last three years his phone calls, messages, emails, his personal computer and his writing work have been monitored.

Based on the information he has collected and about which he has previously informed the electronic interception department of the Commission in Brussels, Mr. Drousiotis points out that in the coming days he will make an official complaint to the prosecution of cybercrime to the Police. As he notes in his post, he has already sent relevant letters to the President of the Republic on the issue.

Makarios Drousiotis in 2013 was one of the main collaborators of President Anastasiadis. After his election, he was appointed to the Presidential Palace during the first five years of Anastasiadis' rule as a political advisor and associate of the deputy minister in addition to the president. He then left, following Christos Stylianidis as his political adviser to the Commission and for the last five years he was in Brussels. His departure from the presidency was directly related to the release of his book in which he argued that Russia has always played a dual role in the Cyprus issue, also serving the interests of Turkey. There was an official reaction from Moscow at the time, and the Russian ambassador to Nicosia, Osaci, issued a condemnation statement.

His relations with the Presidential Palace had occupied the public several times, with the Cyprus issue dominating, where Makarios Drousiotis, after the change of Anastasiadis, began to write critical articles. In 2014, however, while he was serving in the Presidency, some people blamed him for mishandling the contract of Central Banker Chrystalla Giorkatzi, as a result of which he came from Brussels and testified to the Institutions Committee what exactly happened then. Circles of the President then accused him of leaking articles to the Occrp platform last summer which involved Nikos Anastasiadis's law firm with money laundering. Makarios Drousiotis in his article to Politis spoke about lies and challenged anyone who has evidence to submit them. After his return to Cyprus last February, Makarios Drousiotis began his article in the Citizen on Sunday and in the Cyprus Mail, making revelations on the Cyprus issue. For example, the President asked a top diplomat to prepare a study for the division of the EEZ. This article provoked a barrage of reactions at home with the Government attempting to refute it.

See comments after the article: https://politis.com.cy/politis-news/kypros/diaxifismoi-kai-diarroes-eggrafon-meta-tis-apokalypseis-droysioti/

To the police

According to our information, Mr. Drousiotis will submit to the Police a complete file with data for the surveillance since with the help of experts from Nicosia and Brussels it was easy to locate the traces of those who managed to penetrate his personal data. The first violations took place when he was in Brussels, that is, when Mr. Drousiotis was working as an employee of the Commission. Drousiotis' allegations certainly make the already ongoing police investigations into the well-known surveillance scandal that broke out in 2019 in Cyprus much more interesting.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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