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Make us believe it again

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Make us believe it again

The truth is that in the match against Malta and last Wednesday's heavy defeat with 3-0, everything that was built in the matches in March was ruined. Where our National team showed a very good face and sent encouraging messages.

The various circumstances, but also the responsibilities of technical leadership and players, brought the unexpected result and brought back the disappointment in the ranks of the world, which began to believe in this National.

The wounds will heal successfully, and in today's battle with Russia in the GSP (19:00) our representative team is looking for an overcoming. We are talking about a superpower in football that recently participated in the European Championship. Together with Croatia they lead the race of our group and the internationals expect us through this game to prove that they can for better things. To make us believe it again and to put υπόλοι in the concerns of the others.

It is certainly not the easiest mission, but if we want to say that we can go to a big event in the future, we should start sending… messages. This event must be a stepping stone to hope for distinction in the future.

With new faces

The differences in the original shape are given. First, because the image of the team was bad even before the dismissal of Konstantinos Sotirios, who was added to the many absences that exist, such as those of Laifi, St. Andreou, Kousoulou, Ephraim, M. Antoniou and An. Georgiou. Also, the participation of Pieros Sotirios will be decided last after he felt discomfort in the adductor and most likely to be left out.

Neophytos Michael will start in the ace, while a new face in the defensive line will be Nikolas Panagiotou, who together with Karo and Antoniadis will compose the trio in a 3-4-3 formation. Psaltis (right) and Nikolas Ioannou (left) will be the full backs. In the center will be Artymatas with Hampos Kyriakou, while the attacking trio will change significantly. Tzionis and Loizou claim a position, supporting Pitta instead of Papoulis and Christofis.

Support needed

The result that preceded, did not help to “warm up” people. However, now it is necessary to support the people so that the internationals can give their best. Those who choose to go, of course, must comply with the conditions applicable to anti-pandemic measures.


19:00 Cyprus-Russia

19:00 Slovenia-Malta

21:45 Slovakia-Croatia


  1. Croatia 2-1-1 4-1 7
  2. Russia 2-1-1 6-4 7
  3. Slovakia 1-3-0 5-4 6
  4. Slovenia 1-1-2 3-4 4
  5. Cyprus 1-1-2 1-4 4
  6. Malta 1-1-2 6-8 4

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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