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Malta: The island in the lap of the Mediterranean

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Μαλτα: Το νησΙ στην αγκαλια της Μαλτα ;εσογεiου

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Maria Savva

Malta, a small paradise that hugs the Mediterranean, stands out for its rich its history and its welcoming climate. This small trio of islands, located in the heart of the sea, is an ideal destination for visitors looking for a unique experience.

The Fairytale Marsaslokk

The picturesque Marsaxlokk, with its strange name reflecting its rich history, is one of Malta's magical destinations. This old Phoenician colony is known for its beautiful fishing boats, known as “luzzu”, and the deep blue waters of the harbor. Marsaxlokk is a destination that combines tradition and beauty in its own unique way.

The Blue Lake of Comino

The island of Comino hosts the enchanting Blue Lake, a marine paradise that enchants its visitors. Whether you enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters in the summer or enjoying a leisurely hike overlooking the Mediterranean, Comino offers a unique experience in contact with nature.

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