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March is expected to be warmer than normal, says the Department of Meteorology

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March looks set to be relatively warmer than normal by 1 to 2°C, while rainfall is expected to be disappointing, according to the monthly agrometeorological bulletin for March 2024 issued by the Department of Meteorology, in an effort to agrometeorological support of agriculture in the area.

Regarding the amount of rain expected, the Meteorological Department states that “this will be disappointing as it is expected to range below 50% of normal for the season throughout the island”, while similar conditions will prevail for the entire surrounding area.

“In general, March (as well as the entire next three-month period) is characterized climatically and by dust episodes, which are sometimes intense,” he notes.

Regarding February, as the Department reports in the agrometeorological report, it had much higher temperatures than the model claimed it would have.

According to the seasonal forecast, February would have been 1°C to 2°C warmer than normal, while it ended up being 2°C to 3.5°C warmer than normal, he adds.

He also reports that “extreme maximum temperatures were also recorded at all stations”, such as in Prodromos, with the highest daily maximum temperature of 15.2°C (with the normal being 6.7°C) and in Athalassa with the highest daily maximum temperature of 22.9°C (with the normal to be 16°C).

According to the Department of Meteorology, many extreme low temperatures were also observed (with a positive deviation beyond 4°C from normal) .

He adds that the minimum temperatures at Paphos airport and Athalassa are indicative, where a higher daily minimum temperature of 17°C (normal 8.1°C) and 13.2 °C (normal 5.3°C), respectively.

Regarding cumulative rainfall, the Department reports that February recorded a disappointing rainfall, as it was only 55% of the month's normal.

Source: KYPE

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