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March to the presidency against policies that widen inequalities

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March to the presidency against policies that widen inequalities

A march to the Presidential Palace was initiated by POGO and the Office of Women Employees PEO and the participation of a number of organizations against discrimination, corruption and intensified exploitation experienced by citizens and especially women.

As stated in its announcement by the POGO Women's Movement, on the occasion of the International Women's Day (8/3), more than 2 thousand people shouted 'No more discrimination! Equality now! '. They shouted against the policies implemented in Cyprus and Europe, which crush women and have proven to be rollers of social and labor conquests. “

The mobilization sent a strong message that “the policies implemented by the Anastasiadis-DISY Government for 8 years cannot continue”.

March 8 is a day of consciousness, memory, honor and uprising

In her speech, the secretary general of POGO Skei Koukouma, addressed a warm greeting to the women of Cyprus and the world, emphasizing that March 8 is a day of honor and uprising.

Ms. Koukouma continued by saying: “No more findings and mourning. Together with the workers of Cyprus. Along with the single parents, with the world at risk of poverty and exploitation. Along with the world of culture, sports, along with youth and the elderly. Together with immigrant women and immigrants. “Let us fight to systematically overthrow the inequality that deprives us of our freedom.”

The Women's Movement of POGO called on the women of the place to thicken the lines of the struggle for gender equality. For matches inside and outside Parliament! For street racing. For collective and organized games.

Then the secretary general of PEO Pampis Kyritsis, during his speech noted, among other things, that “for us it is clear that discrimination on the grounds of gender and employment and social inequality, is a case that does not only concern women. It concerns all of us. Because every form of discrimination, every form of exploitation and oppression is ultimately a weapon in the hands of the established, a weapon in the hands of the economically and politically powerful, who through conservation and division, only seek to maintain and reproduce their power and wealth.

He added that in recent years, we have been experiencing a severe attack on workers' labor and social rights at all levels. Especially after the crisis of 13, after the haircut, the memorandum and the neoliberal policies imposed on us by the government and the ruling party, the attack is escalating, with the main features being fear and job insecurity, deregulation and degradation of collective agreements. , the “flexible” supposed forms of employment that end up working overtime, seven days a week.

In his greeting, the secretary general of AKEL Andros Kyprianou referred to the reality that women face today. As he said, the reasons that led to yesterday's mobilization are the discrimination against women. Violence against them. The exploitation of women. From the capitalism that oppresses them. From the patriarchal perceptions that exterminate it, silence it, tear it down.

He added that for AKEL it is not just a debt to fight for equality, the isolation of sexism, the need for women to come to the fore. It is part of the philosophy and ideology he advocates. That is why it is always in solidarity with the struggles of the women's movement, for the liberation of women, equality, respect, dignity.

He also noted that the liberation of women will not come out of nowhere. Nor will it give women a system based on their exploitation. Andros Kyprianou pointed out that measures and policies are needed to allow women to unleash their forces outside the home. Policies to curb female unemployment. Decent jobs. Measures to combat inequality. Suppression of employer arbitrariness towards pregnant workers. Supporting the rights of young working mothers and strengthening their protection. Introduction of a paid parental leave plan. Abolition of the 12% cut for those who retire at 63. Measures and infrastructure to support motherhood as a social responsibility. Measures to prevent and deal with all forms of violence. Full guarantee of women's sexual and reproductive rights.

March to the presidency against policies that widen inequalities

March to the presidency against policies that widen inequalities

Source: politis.com.cy

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