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Maria Bakodimou: When the other person doesn't have VAT and hears Tunis talking about real estate, she “gives it” to him

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    Regarding the reactions to a recent post by instagrammer

    On the occasion of the reactions to a post by Ioanna Tunis and the comments calling on her to stop showing off her wealth, Maria Bakodimou took a stand through “Hello”.

    The presenter, discussed with her colleagues on the panel of her show to conclude that “the harshest messages that women receive on social media, come from other women”.

    Maria Bakodimou commented on both sides of the coin, as she emphasized.

    On the one hand she said: “Ioanna did not do this to apologize. I will tell you the two sides of the coin. One is what Joanna says, that you don't need to be an heir to live a rich life. You can do it on your own, if you find your goal, have dedication and perseverance. I absolutely believe it, I don't believe the circuits and beds either”.

    However, along the way he also took the part of the audience of Ioanna Tunis who may be facing financial problems and see the instagrammer talking about the properties she bought. Regarding this, the presenter said: “On the other hand, when Ioanna comes and starts the floor plans “ I want to show my mother-in-law the two new properties I bought” the other who does not have to pay and has eaten the VAT in his business, he “gives it” and says “leave us, madam, with the floor plan, you and your floor plan””.

    In turn, Nancy Paradisanou said: “The worst comments are from women, of course, what did you expect? Something different; Usually women envy women more”.

    Maria Bakodimou said finally, addressing Constantinos Arcitas: “Open your Instagram and in addition to the accounts you follow, follow a few others to see what &#8220 ;inserts” one woman to another. The harshest comments and hateful comments we have received from women.

    A few days ago, Ioanna Tunis announced that she plans to renovate them and shared her excitement about the upcoming projects. Specifically, in a video she uploaded, Ioanna Touni stated: “I am holding floor plans in my hands. I have bought two houses in Thessaloniki which I am now renovating, here with Stefanos we are building them from scratch, we will make them super lux. I really like these projects, I'm very excited, I'm very happy. We do a lot of creative work. I wanted to share my joy with you.”

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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