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Maria Koliou: It is not time for measures – Now we must encourage vaccination

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Maria Koliou: It is not time for measures - Now we must encourage vaccination

“We need to encourage vaccination and it is the most basic measure that can be taken now,” the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at the University of Cyprus, Chairman of the Special Committee of the Pancyprian Medical Association for Coronavirus and a member of the Council, told KYPE. Ministry of Health, Maria Koliou.

The Scientific Advisory Committee met via teleconference on Friday night to analyze the scientific data of the epidemiological picture, as presented in recent days with the continuing rise in coronavirus cases.

Asked about the meeting of the Advisory Scientific Committee, Ms. Koliou said that a review of the epidemiological situation was made.

“We are really worried about this increase, which has happened and is happening, because it has several hospital admissions, which seem to increase in the future and we will eventually have pressure on the health system,” he said.

The other, he added, “is that our view is that we should probably encourage vaccination and it is the most basic measure that can be taken now.”

Asked if the issue of additional measures was raised, Ms. Koliou said that they did not talk about measures and added that “we said that in order to take prohibitions and so on, there must indeed be a very serious issue with the health system, ie great pressure on hospitals, such as when we had the winter “.

The situation, he continued, as it is now is better.

“Basically, it reminds us to focus on encouraging vaccination coverage plus some measures that have already been announced by the Ministry of Health,” he noted.

Answering a question whether they will continue to monitor the epidemiological picture, Ms. Koliou said that we are definitely monitoring it and added that “we are systematically and when asked by the Minister of Health our opinion will definitely be at his disposal.”

Remarking that in fact the only solution is to vaccinate as many people as possible, Ms. Koliou answered in the affirmative, saying: “Exactly. As much as possible of the population should be vaccinated and we should not forget the classic precautionary measures, ie distances between people, good ventilation in the area where we move, and certainly the mask in closed and crowded areas, which seemed to work and will we must continue it for better or for worse. “

Asked if this increase we are seeing is due to the Delta mutation, Ms. Koliou said that the mutation also plays a role, but it is certainly also a matter of behavior.

“You see young people, who were unvaccinated, went to parties, to graduation ceremonies, after which they had fun, to various events in leisure centers, but also from other places, such as weddings, other meetings, which did not exist at all. precautionary measures. “Therefore, they are social events that the people did, in which no measures were taken at all”, he added.

And the result, continued Ms. Koliou, “was of course to have cases, to have transmission in combination most likely with the Delta mutation, which we know is in Cyprus and which according to EU forecasts will prevail within the in the coming weeks and in Cyprus, because it has a high transmissibility, as we know, greater than strain A, which was previously, the British mutation.

Asked how long it will take to see if the measures taken will minimize or stop the virus, Ms. Koliou said that “if we consider that the measures start today, you realize it will take more than a week to see difference so that the transmission chains are substantially cut “.

“We will probably have another increase in the first days and then the decrease will start to appear”, he concluded.

Source: KYPE

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Source: politis.com.cy

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