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Maria Theodotou: The shocking story behind her new song – “The Turks gathered several prisoners in the house of a priest and…”

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    Μαρiα Θεοδoτου Η ; συγκλονιστικor ιστορλα πλσω από &tau ;ο νΕο της τραγοΙδι – «Οι ΤοΙρκοι μΑ&zeta ;εψαν αρκετοyς αιχμαλoτους στο &sigma


    Maria Theodotou was invited on the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” with Charalambos Heimonas.

    The well-known Cypriot singer is preparing her first record work in collaboration with Panik Records, which is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

    “It's a great production with a great cast and I'm very proud. Soon we will be happy to give it to the public to listen to,”, first said Maria Theodotou and then added:

    “I definitely wanted my first record to have a gravitas. […] I was definitely planning on making this record, to do something about these fifty years since the Turkish invasion that I feel somehow we forgot. The older ones forgot it and most of the young people don't know it at all. They don't even feel it, they don't even think about it. […] I spoke with our lyricist Maria Hatziauxenti and told her my idea. She asked me to give her some time because she wanted to get in touch with people who lived the stories of 1974, the invasion, talk to them and learn first-hand events, true stories, and then write the lyrics.”

    Then, Maria Theodotou was asked which of the true stories that inspired her new album, shocked her: p>

    “A shocking story is when the Turks gathered several prisoners outside a priest's house to execute them. In the process of execution they were waiting for the commander of the Turks to arrive, who when he arrived extended the time of their execution with various ironies, insulting comments to make them suffer even more. Before he gave the order to fire he raised his hand to grab a grape from the climate in the priest's house and before he ate it, the priest who was down with his hands behind him said “don't eat from the grape because I sprayed it yesterday and you will get poisoned and possibly die”. Then, the Turkish commander says to him “I in a few seconds will give the order to kill all of you and you had the opportunity to eat something and die and you prevent me?”. The father replied that “I could not let you eat it and get poisoned or die because in a little while you will execute me and I will go to the Lord and I will have to give a reason and I certainly would not want to I am responsible for the death of no one”. So the commander told the Turkish soldiers to put down their weapons and let them go. A breath before the end, that's why this song is called that.”

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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