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Marijuana or cannabis? The case that “hurts” Idaho

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Idaho police in the United States seized 6,701 pounds of illegal marijuana from a truck last month, but Big Sky Scientific, which bought the plants, said the truck was carrying legal cannabis. In the middle of things is the driver, who has to deal with marijuana trafficking charges.

It all started when a police officer stopped the truck to conduct a general inspection. The driver handed over to the police the company invoice which had the goods registered as cannabis which is completely legal throughout the country. Nevertheless, the police officer carried out the necessary drug identification test on the goods, which showed that it contained an increased percentage of the chemical THC found in marijuana. The police officer immediately arrested the driver who spent 4 days in jail and was released after paying $ 100,000 bail.

The driver's invoice

Under Idaho law, if convicted, he will serve at least five years in prison and be fined at least $ 15,000.

Marijuana or Cannabis?

According to CNN, marijuana and cannabis are two different varieties of the same plant (Cannabis sativa L.). Hemp has been widely used in the production of various products such as ropes, clothes, building materials, food and even beer. Unlike marijuana, this type of cannabis does not cause side effects.

There is no way to distinguish a marijuana plant from a cannabis plant. So for decades, states like Idaho and the federal government have been treating cannabis like any other cannabis plant.

On the left, a sample of Big Sky Scientific cannabis. On the right, a sample of marijuana

Cannabis treatment

Big Sky Scientific has filed a lawsuit to get its cannabis back, saying the farm from which it bought the goods is licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for industrial cannabis production.

The company also states through its website that it buys hemp rich in CBD (Cannabidiol) from farmers and then sends it to processors to turn it into CBD powder. It then sells the powder to manufacturers to make products.

Apparently, the ignorant employee of the company that transported the goods “drove” his vehicle in a dispute between the state of Idaho and the federal government over the legality of industrial cannabis. The future of the same remains unknown.

The 31 cannabis bags found in the driver's truck

Source: politis.com.cy

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