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Marinos Sizopoulos: The presence of EDEK in the European Parliament strengthens Cyprus in the European bodies

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Μαρiνος Σιζπου λοροσσ ΕΕΚ Ευ ωολειικπο ευ ;ωπακσματα

The president of the Social Democratic Movement EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos means a bell to the citizens in view of the European elections and the importance of his party's presence in the European Parliament for our country.

He meaningfully emphasizes in his interview that the citizens will pay the cost of their far-right choices and he underlined that a socialist party, like EDEK, due to the documented positions it presents, it affects finances and not only interests, so it will receive an unlimited polemic. Mr. Sizopoulos also notes that his party is the only Cypriot political force that participates as a full member in the European Socialist Party (PES).

– One of the main problems of Cyprus at the European level, as well as more broadly of all small member states, is the demonstration of solidarity, with the most recent example being Europe's refusal to accept an equal distribution of immigration flows.  As EDEK you participate in S&D, but how is their active enlistment claimed in our immigration claims?

– It is a fact that immigration is one of the biggest problems in Europe and especially for the Mediterranean countries, which are the first receiving countries. Compared to the rest of the Mediterranean countries, Cyprus presents three particularities, which aggravate the problem even more. With the exception of Malta, it is the smallest Mediterranean country and therefore with smaller management capabilities. It is located on the external borders of Europe towards the Middle East and the war zones and finally its exploitation by Turkey as a form of hybrid warfare. EDEK as a member of the European  of the Socialist Party (PES) tries to promote these issues and at the same time, precisely in the context of the solidarity that should exist, it submits specific realistic proposals to manage and deal with it. The proposals include the uniform distribution of legal immigrants who are entitled to political asylum in all EU member countries. and the Union's contribution to the repatriation processes of illegal economic immigrants from Africa and Asia, a process which Cyprus is unable to implement through the conclusion of agreements with the specific countries.

– Polls for the European Parliament indicate a continuation of the strengthening of far-right parties, with the conservative nationalist groups, ID and ECR registering a rise of 5%-6%. Does this not mean that the influences on the European map are changing and perhaps also justify the rise of ELAM in Cyprus?  Is it a defeat for you because you fail to properly translate the outrage over the dire economic situation and immigration?

– It is a fact that far-right parties take advantage of accuracy and the effects it has on the standard of living of citizens, mainly of the small and medium classes, as well as immigration through an inexpensive populism for purely vote-seeking reasons. But, unfortunately, citizens in several cases under pressure and indignation react reflexively. In the end, however, the citizens will pay the cost of supporting the far-right populist parties. Simple examples the financial crisis of the interwar brought out Hitler, after all who paid the cost? Political instability in Greece in the 1960s brought the junta to power, who ultimately paid the cost? A recent example is the election of a far-right party in Italy, did it solve the immigration issue? On the contrary, it worsened it by 60% and caused an additional financial burden and precision at the expense of the citizens. In the end, the reflexive reactions of the citizens in the end not only do not punish the system but strengthen it, on the contrary they punish the citizens themselves, i.e. themselves. It is obvious that a socialist party, like EDEK, because of the documented positions it puts forward, affects finances and not only interests, that is why it will accept an unlimited polemic. I will not refer to EDEK's struggles against illegality for democracy and the protection of constitutional legitimacy, but to its positions on social issues. Specifically, it was the party that:

– He called on citizens to avoid the trap of the Stock Exchange

– He warned of the dangers inherent in the unscrupulous behavior of the banking sector in the period 2008-2012

– Support the security holders with specific proposals

– He proposed instead of cutting deposits, borrowing from depositors against a 10-year government bond

– He voted against the confiscation law

– He proposed to support the Cooperative and the state to take over 3.5 billion euros in citizens' loans to protect their property from expropriation

– In April 2015 it strengthened the insolvency framework for the benefit of citizens

– Since 2017, he has submitted a proposal for the establishment of a Special Jurisdiction Department in the District Courts for fast adjudication of borrowers' appeals

– It revealed heaps of scandals, which were confirmed but those involved remained unpunished

Ultimately, whose interests were protected and harmed by all these proposals?

-Which issue would you rank as the first priority for Nicholas Schmidt , if tomorrow he takes the helm of the European Commission?

-The two most important issues that will be prioritized are:

1. The active involvement of the E.U. in the process of resolving the Cyprus issue,  mainly in the application of the European acquis, without derogations and primary law, throughout the territory, and the vesting  of the right for all legal residents to enjoy the 4 fundamental freedoms of the Union throughout the territory.

2. The practical solidarity of the E.U. to Cyprus for the effective management and treatment of immigration.

-In addition to EDEK, in the same European area and specifically to S&D, DIKO also joined more recently. After all, who represents the Socialist European Party in Cyprus?

– The S&D is a form of cooperation between the Socialists and the Democrats, as two political groups with the most converging positions on serious issues that concern the EU.. The D.I.KO participates in the S&D as part of the Democrats and not of the Socialists. Therefore, Cyprus is represented in the Socialist Group by EDEK, which also participates as a full member in the European Socialist Party (PES). Obviously, it is the EDEK that represents the European Socialist Party in Cyprus. It is no coincidence that the EDEK is the only party that joined the PES before the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, as a sign of recognition and appreciation of the struggles of the EDEK and Vasos Lyssaridis for democracy, social justice and the liberation of its peoples of Africa and Asia from the colonial regimes, as well as for their great contribution to the socialist ideology.

-What is the difference of EDEK being located in Europe, since either you, or DIKO , being both members of the European Socialists, will represent Cyprus in the second largest political group of the European Parliament.

-The European Parliament undoubtedly has its own role in decisions that determine its policy EU. both in big and small matters. But the decisive role is played by the parties from which its members come. In the case of the socialist group which also has the majority in the S&D group, the decisive role for the important issues is played by the PES in which only EDEK participates. Therefore, the presence of EDEK beyond PES and in the European Parliament is an important factor in strengthening the presence of our country in the European executive and legislative bodies.

Source: www.philenews.com

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