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Marios Iliadis: The Turkish revisionism is uncontrollable and dangerous

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The personal attack on Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis by Tayyip Erdogan and other Turkish officials, on the occasion of his recent speech to the US Congress and his meeting with the US President, the provocative mission of a Turkish ship to explore the New Aegean market armaments and the parallel challenges in Cyprus with the opening of a new beach in Famagusta and the launch of new threats against the Republic of Cyprus, show that in a particularly fragile period for world peace, Turkish revisionism enters a new uncontrollable and extremely dangerous, dangerous The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus, Marios Iliadis, wrote in a written statement.

and looking for ways out of the intense internal pressure and controversy he receives, Tayyip Erd “It is once again resorting to tension and dangerously energizing the climate, proving that it remains a permanent threat to security and stability in the region.”

“In the face of this situation”, continues Mr. Iliadis, “Cyprus and Greece, which are constantly in his sights, must react in every way and means to prevent and prevent the obvious danger the Turkish President and close friend and admirer” Putin, to turn the region into a “new Ukraine”, to add that the indifferent and timid monitoring of developments, must end and immediate decisions must be made “here and now”.

According to his statement, “the strengthening of the deterrent power of Cyprus and Greece with new agreements and collaborations with major military forces in the region (France, Italy, Israel, Egypt) but also with the United States, is a top need. At the same time, it is imperative to undertake a coordinated, convincing and credible diplomatic campaign, to all countries in the region and Europe and especially to all major decision-making centers (European Union, United States and Great Britain) in order to realize its seriousness and criticality. “With all its behavior and unbridled revisionism,” he concludes, “Turkey threatens not only Cyprus and Greece, but also the European Union, the which the two countries are an integral part and territory and this must be realized above all by Europe itself and finally stop “caressing” and equipping its intruder. “

Source: politis.com.cy

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