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Marketing Permits – Until when can you renew quarterly and semi-annuals?

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The Department of Road Transport, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announces the following in relation to the renewal of quarterly and semi-annual vehicle licenses for 2022 which will expire on June 30, 2022:

  1. The last renewal date of these licenses is Thursday 8.9.2022.
  2. These licenses may be renewed from Friday 1.7.2022 for a period of three or six months.
  3. According to the current legislation, these marketing licenses are renewed until Thursday 8.9.2022 without charge. After Thursday 8.9.2022, the sum of the amount of 10 euros and an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the marketing authorization corresponding to the remaining amount due for the current year is imposed as a charge on the marketing authorization.
  4. There must be a Certificate of Suitability and Insurance for the vehicle to renew the registration.
  5. TOM advises everyone to take care of the renewal of the registration of their vehicle in time and not to wait for the last days, in order to avoid a possible overload of the system that can cause inconvenience.
  6. It is reminded and emphasized that those who had renewed the registration of their vehicle for the second quarter or the first half of 2022 but do not intend to renew it for the remaining period of 2022 should submit to the Road Transport Department an application for immobilization of the vehicle, by completing the form ΤΟΜ 12Α. This application is made online, through the Internet Services of the Department. Otherwise the obligation to pay the amount corresponding to the registration fee continues to exist as a civil debt owed to the Republic.
  7. Vehicles for which their license has not been renewed for twelve consecutive months (ie the last license expired on 30/6/2021) and have not been declared immobilized will be deleted from the TOM register if the amount due for the twelve is not paid. months and their marketing license is renewed, until Thursday 8.9.2022, for at least three months. This procedure is also done online.
  8. In case of destruction of the vehicle, the owners should submit to the TOM an application for cancellation of registration of the vehicle (form TOM 98A) accompanied by the “Certificate of Destruction” issued by licensed processing facilities vehicles to be exempted from the obligation to pay road tax from the date of destruction of the vehicle. during the year.
  9. It is reminded and emphasized that no notifications will be sent to the registered owners, for the renewal of the marketing licenses for the third quarter or the second half of 2022.

Source: politis.com.cy

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