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Markos Seferlis for his mother: “81 years old and remains my heroine”

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Markos Seferlis spoke about his career on television and his family.

The actor gave a revealing interview to 7 Days TV magazine and, among other things, referred to his relationship with his mother.

< p>More specifically, Markos Seferlis stressed that “I am 53 years old and there is not a day that my mother does not call me to ask if I dressed warmly, if I ate, if I am fine. Her point is to find out if I'm happy. What else does a mother want for her child? May he be well and happy. “

” My mother, Mrs. Hariklia, cooked at 3 in the dark night, took care of the house and worked with my father from morning till night in Corinth – they had a tank with water and filled tanks in the houses. She is a model mother. She has worked hard, she is a strong, dynamic fighter. I have dedicated this series with a lot of love to her, that's why I named my heroine Hariklia “, the actor explained.

Markos Seferlis also said: “My mother is 81 years old today and she remains my heroine. Do you know what it is like to carry water cans, to go from door to door, to lift them untouched while they weigh so many kilos? She taught us what a day job would mean. And if there was one thing I loved about Elena, my wife, it is that she has taught our son, Harry, how to make bread. That in our family we work, we fall but we have to get up again and provoke. Harry is a good student and has us as role models. He has learned from me “never give up”. Life is not rosy, it is a battle, a struggle and we must try “added Markos Serferlis.

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