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Mars in Taurus brings cataclysmic developments in Greece

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Mars in Taurus brings cataclysmic developments in Greece

Its passage is “explosive”

The passage of Mars from Taurus (January 7, until March 4) is particularly “explosive” for Greece, since in this sign it has its Horoscope, based on at least the horoscope of 1830 (3/2). But also as an Aquarius, from Sun, he is again “in the mouth” with this passage and given the successive aspects of the “red planet” with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and later with Pluto, one thing is for sure, that is, peace will not find!

First of all, on the internal front, the political tension is expected to peak, with the departure of MPs or ministers, while in general in parliament the “knives” will come out.

But the weather will also show us its “teeth” with extreme phenomena, with Egelados willingly following, giving strong earthquakes over 6 Richter, especially in the Ionian arc.

In addition, arson, explosions and serious accidents will “compete” with the “battles” between the security forces and the illegals, for what will upset us the most, while it is not excluded that there may be a distinct terrorist act.

In the economic field, again, there are intense transitions in the stock market, rising indexes and tensions for the management of natural resources, with Turkey… of course entering dynamically into this “game” (continental shelf, airspace) and not only diplomatically, since Mars in Taurus can cause a border dispute, using weapons.

These… pessimistic are predicted according to the historical precedent but… Mars is, it will pass!

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