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“Massacre” in the debate: “You copied a sentence”-“You should be more careful”

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«Σφαγor» στο debate: « ;Αντιγραψατε προταση»-«Θα επρεπ ε να εiστε πιο προσεχτικoς»

An intense confrontation broke out between the two candidates, with Andreas Mavroyiannis accusing Nikos Christodoulidis of stealing his proposal for the Advisory Council.

Taking the floor, Nikos Christodoulidis called on Mavroyiannis to respect his interlocutor. "Look for the dates, Mr. Mavroyiannis. I am sorry for your reports. You should be more careful. Even if we did, you shouldn't say that thing. I did not expect such reports from you».

Afterwards, Mavroyiannis replied that "I am sorry that your reports were much more disparaging. I speak in the light and you underground. You have discredited… You are telling me that I am speaking in general terms. If there is one characteristic of yours that everyone says is that you say everything and nothing. And you come and tell me that I speak in general. A sense of moderation doesn't hurt.

When Christodoulidis was asked if he meant that he was speaking in general terms, he replied "yes, you are talking about some issues (generally)».

The report provoked the reaction of Christodoulidis, who accused Mavroyiannis of discrediting the Cypriot people, after he was voted first in the first round.

Mavroyiannis then replied that "you are a social phenomenon that needs investigation".

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