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Maurikiou on Super Kiki: “That girl never understood how much she hurt me” (Exclusive)

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    ΜαυρικΙου για Super &Kappa ;ικ«Ατηοδελαβε οομεατισε» στικo)

    “He heard a scream from us and kept going. It was like he was flaying my wound,” said Maurikios Maurikiou on the ShowBiz podcast, among others.

    Maurikios Maurikiou was a guest on the ShowBiz podcast , “Winter Is Back” with journalist Charalambos Heimonas.

    Among other things, the well-known Cypriot artist was asked about his recent feud with Super Kiki and the truce they made through a video call.

    “I experienced it very badly (including the incident with Super Kiki). The truth is that this girl never understood how much she hurt me, how much she hurt me and what a problem she caused me. So when I was given the opportunity – on her own initiative – to talk with a video call and she asked me “ What is your problem? Tell me… You who have a sense of humor and take everything for fun…”. You see, sometimes we give the impression that here we are come dogs grind, you can say what you want about me and I give you the uncountable, do what you want, say what you want. And yet in the end there are times when we have to set some limits. This was a lesson for me,” said Maurikios Maurikiou initially on the ShowBiz podcast.

    “So when I explained it to her and I saw in her eyes that she got it and I saw her get really emotional and I saw her say some phrases that touched me, like “I feel so bad for what I've created for you and your wife”. So when I felt that there was that remorse then I said let's leave it at that. Of course I didn't want anything more. And as many times, I took a step back, it was now a step back. She also took a step back and deleted those videos that were bothering me. Not all of course, there are still a couple that I have asked her to delete as well. It doesn't matter though, it's the movement that counts. I see that the way she saw and sees has completely changed,” he added.

    At another point Maurikios Maurikiou: “I felt that this girl was hearing a cry from us saying “it bothers me” and continued. It was like he was flaying my wound. When he realized that I wasn't taking advantage of all this… She thought that Mauritius was taking advantage of it for the sites to deal with. But how much to deal with? There was not a site after site on planet earth that was not involved. I don't need publicity or anything.”

    Watch what was said on the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” in the video below:


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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