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Mayor of Ag. Napa: Optimistic about increase in air travel from Russia in the coming weeks

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Mayor of Ag. Napa: Optimistic about increase in air travel from Russia in the coming weeks

The green light of the British government for a change of the categorization of Cyprus and at the same time for the launch of chartered flights to our island is anxiously waiting for the Municipality of Ayia Napa. This is expected to contribute significantly to the increase in traffic in the tourist resort of free Famagusta and will give “oxygen” to businesses in the region that were irreparably affected last season due to the pandemic. In his statements to “P” on the occasion of the beginning of the summer season, the mayor Christos Zannettos said that the tourist traffic that currently exists in Ag. Napa has absolutely nothing to do with the traffic that existed last year at the same time, saying that this year is significantly increased, but at the same time remains significantly reduced compared to 2019. “90% of the tourist traffic we have at this time comes from the Russian market and to think that there are still no chartered flights from this country. However, the information we have from travel agents is that in the coming days and weeks there will be an increase in flights from Russia to Cyprus. “On weekends we have a particularly high number of visitors from domestic tourism”, said Mr. Zannettos with satisfaction.

Problem in the center

As for the hotels in the area, the mayor of Ayia Napa said that almost all the large units in the wider area have reopened. On the contrary, the problem remains in the inner periphery of the municipality, where the small hotel apartments and the other tourist businesses are still operating. “Most of the accommodation, restaurants, pubs and generally the restaurants in the inner periphery of our municipality, ie around the center, are still suspended. Most of the leisure centers that have operated are located outside the center. “We hope, however, that in the coming days the situation will improve and the other companies will reopen, so that everyone can work,” he said.

With credit card

Meanwhile, the possibility of payment by credit card on all organized beaches is provided this year by the Municipality of Ayia Napa. A written announcement states that after the success of the pilot application for payment by credit card of the purchase of facilities at one of the beaches of Ayia Napa last summer, the municipality of the tourist resort decided this year to provide this option to all beaches of. Mayor Christos Zannettou stated that after evaluating the whole process and after the pilot implementation of the system at the end of last summer at Nisi beach, and after resolving some problems that arose, it was decided to apply the option of payment by credit card purchase facility in all the beaches of the municipality with the aim of facilitating bathers, foreigners and locals. This is because according to all indications, the traffic on the beaches this year will be increased compared to last year. “We managed to turn words into deeds, since our goal is the highest degree of hospitality and convenience of our visitors”, he concluded.

Source: politis.com.cy

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