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Measures for the effects of drought on agriculture were discussed by the Minister in Brussels

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    Maria Panagiotou noted that “in our dams we have 44% water reserves, while last year in the corresponding period we had 66%”, speaking of a huge problem< /p>

    The Minister of Agriculture informed about the effects of the prolonged drought on Cypriot agriculture, of Rural Development and Environment, Maria Panagiotou, her counterparts within the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council on Monday in Brussels. After the information, Cyprus starts processes in cooperation with the Commission and the MED9 countries to formulate measures, as announced.

    According to a relevant announcement, which is broadcast by the GTP, Dr. In the context of the debate, Panagiotou called on the Commission to formulate measures to deal with the situation with the aim of securing current and future food production in Cyprus, as well as to allow the necessary flexibility to adapt measures of the Common Agricultural Policy to support Cypriot farmers.

    Speaking before the start of the discussion in the Council, Mrs. Panagiotou pointed out that “we have informed our farmers in time that for this year we will have an average reduction of 33.7% in amount of water for irrigation purposes”, and that the lack of water “creates a series of problems in terms of production, but also in terms of us farmers themselves”.

    As he reminded, “in our dams we have 44% water reserves, while last year in the corresponding period we had 66%”, speaking of a huge problem.

    According to a statement made public through the GTP after the conclusion of the session, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Romania, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Poland and Denmark expressed their solidarity with Cyprus, noting the need to find solutions .

    As mentioned, the Commission invited the Cypriot authorities to a dialogue, and Cyprus will begin the formulation of the framework of measures in cooperation with the member states participating in the MED9 group, so that that these measures meet the needs of Member States facing common problems, and that they can be effectively implemented without delay.

    The main topic of the agenda was the Crisis Management Fund through the CAP, which as Ms. Panagiotou said before the meeting, the Cypriot farmers are asking to pay the compensations much faster.

    According to the announcement, Ms. Panagiotou referred to the joint communique adopted by the MED9 under the Cypriot Presidency of the group, in which it is proposed to use all the available credits of the Multiannual Financial Framework of the CAP, as well as the possibility of developing crisis response measures with funding up to 2% of the financial envelope of the Strategic Plan.

    The Minister called on the Commission to set as its goal the faster adoption of new technologies, the strengthening of financing for investments in new technologies, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and to proceed with the creation of a network to strengthen cooperation between member states facing common problems.< /p>

    These are proposals which, according to what Mrs. Panagiotou stated in her statements before the session, have been submitted to the Commission and have found “listening ears” as she said.< /p>

    The other main topic on the agenda of the session was the market situation in the agricultural sector, with Mrs. Panagiotou mentioning in her statements that the increased cost of production for farmers is a problem that Cypriot farmers face due to the fact that Cyprus is an island state, and he emphasized that “it is necessary for our farmers to receive support in this area in order to be able to remain viable and competitive” at the EU level.

    < p class="text-paragraph">According to the announcement, in the context of the discussion the Minister emphasized the need to take short-term, medium-term and long-term measures to strengthen the resilience and competitiveness of agriculture in the EU.

    Source: KYPE

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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