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Mediterranean Diet: From the Neolithic period to the present day

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Μεσογ ειακor Διατροφor: Απo την Νεολιθι κor περΙοδο μΕχρι σorμερα

As part of the exhibition 'Foodprint: The Mediterranean diet revisited', the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and the Cyprus Institute are co-organizing a workshop for children aged 8-12.

“We are inhabitants of the Mediterranean”, we answer those of us who come from Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and Morocco and many other countries. But what does this really mean for our shared nutritional identity in the present and the past? The Mediterranean Sea, i.e. the basin between Europe, Asia and Africa, is internationally known for the distinctive diet of its inhabitants, the Mediterranean diet.

Young and old, every day, we try to eat Mediterranean and through fun activities we expand our knowledge of the eating habits of the people who lived in the eastern Mediterranean during ancient times.

The photography exhibition and the activities in its space take us on a journey through the roots and timelessness of the Mediterranean diet, from the Neolithic period to today. Having Archaeologists-Researchers of the Cyprus Institute as guides/guides, during our trip, there will be three stations that we will explore: ancient seeds, animal bones and human bones that may be found in an excavation.

So, if you are a fan of the Mediterranean diet, curious about the gastronomy of the ancient inhabitants of the eastern Mediterranean and have an appetite for a tasting trip into the past, don't waste time and book your seat. We are waiting for you!

Free Participation

Those interested can register by sending email at patsalidouk@gmail.com< /strong>

Priority order will be observed

At the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Date: Sunday, February 12

Time: 12:30 pm

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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