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Meeting of the Cyprus Association of Electronic Money and Payment Institutions (ACEMPI) with the Cyprus Banks Association

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On Monday, May 8, 2023, the Cyprus Association of Electronic Money and Payment Institutions (ACEMPI) and the Cyprus Banks Association held a meeting focusing on the exchange of views on common issues and broader issues that concern the economy.

The President of ACEMPI, Mr. Ioannis Georgoulas, together with Mr. Grigoris Dellas, Vice-President of the Association and Ms. Elena Kontou, General Secretary of the Association, informed Mr. Konstantinos Koutentakis, President of the Cyprus Banks Association and Mr. Michalis Kronidis, Senior Director at the Association Banks of Cyprus, regarding the Association's actions aimed at the development of the sector as well as the protection and representation of the professional interests and rights of ACEMPI members.

Meetings and contacts will continue aiming always in the exchange of opinions and good practices for the best possible information of the members of the two Associations in matters concerning the legislation governing Electronic Payment Institutions, their way of functioning, as well as the usual practices and possible collaborations that take place in the rest of Europe.

The aim of the Association of Electronic Money and Payment Institutions (ACEMPI) is to shape a sustainable and prosperous future in the field of electronic money in Cyprus.

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