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Meeting tomorrow under the PD for the prevention of fires – Flight means are examined

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The Minister of Interior Mr. Nikos Nouris after the end of the National Memorial of the heroes of the Liberation Struggle of EOKA 1955-59, Michalaki Karaoli and Andreas Dimitriou, at the Church of Panagia Chrysopantanassa, in Palaichos statements to journalists.

Asked about the meeting that will be held tomorrow under the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis for the prevention of fires, in view of the summer season, Mr. Nouris answered that it is the annual meeting that is organized at this time to express, as he said, “Our readiness before the President of the Republic all the co-competent services regarding the problem of fires”.

He noted that as every year, everything that needed to be done has been done. “All services, the Forest Service, the Fire Service, the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Defense, we have in full development all the programs”, he added.

Tomorrow there will be a confirmation of the readiness of the various bodies to we do not have unforeseen problems, but also to address the various issues, said the Minister of Interior.

One of the issues that will be discussed, he said, is the issue of aircraft. He noted that it will be examined how the competent services have made the appropriate arrangements taking into account the difficulties that exist in the rental of aircraft, especially from Russia.

Everyone expects that at the end of the meeting there will be a short period of adaptation and implementation of any new decisions taken, the Minister said.

Local Government

Asked by a journalist about the Local Government reform and the meetings that will follow, the Minister stated that the big meeting took place last Wednesday. The provincial meetings will follow, in which, he said, “all the bodies will be informed of the roadmap for the next two years of all the provisions, so that we have a smooth transition in 2024 to the next form of Local Government”.

“I want to reiterate my great satisfaction with the meeting we had last Wednesday, in which not only the elected, but also the technocrats were informed, that is, all those who will assist in the effort to adjust the reform,” the minister added. Referring to last Wednesday's briefing, he said there had been “very constructive comments and discussions, which are already being analyzed at the Interior Ministry”. The Interior Ministry, he explained, “has taken on the coordinating role of directing with the help of technocrats and experts.” He noted that “we have already asked the Hellenic Republic, and there was an immediate response to our request, to send a technocrat to Cyprus to help us in this unprecedented project that we have to do.”

” And I believe that within this narrow schedule of two years, everything that needs to be done to reach the most complete model in May 2024 will be done, and of course whatever corrections need to be made to have a proper and structured Local Government, as envisioned. the Cypriot citizen “, concluded Mr. Nouris.

Source: politis.com.cy

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