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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: They threaten the paparazzi

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''This is America, there are freedoms and we don't have kings,'' said the agency Backgrid.

Meghan Markle και πρΙγκιπας Harry: Απει

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Maria Karamanou

New York has become the setting for a thriller, with the pursuit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flooding the media and headlines. According to leaks from their friends on the website TMZ, the Sussex Royals complain that after the honor event for Meghan in New York last Tuesday, hordes of paparazzi chased their car through the streets of the city for two hours. This uncontrolled pursuit caused massive traffic jams and dangerous situations as the lives and safety of those on the road were at risk.


As expected, British tabloids such as the Daily Mail and the Sun tried to find as much evidence as possible to dispute the Sussex Royals' claims. At the same time, the Daily Mirror, after earlier announcements apologizing to the couple for illegal surveillance activities in the past, chose to keep a low profile.

Essentially, the Daily Mail and the Sun tried to produce as many eyewitnesses as they could in order to cast doubt on the truth presented by Meghan and Prince Harry. On the other hand, the Daily Mirror, after acknowledging past violations, chose not to focus on publishing questionable information.


The event ended up dominating all of Great Britain's breakfasts, with various aspects coming to the fore. The question is whether Meghan and Harry really were in danger, whether they are being overly dramatic or have forgotten what Princess Diana suffered. It has also been suggested that Harry and Meghan are constantly seeking attention, with Meghan being blamed for the fallout from it all. Finally, there are rumors of confrontations between Meghan and Kate.

For their part, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to put pressure on the “backgrid” photo agency. They claim that the aggressive paparazzi who followed the couple on Tuesday night belong to this agency. They are asking “backgrid” to provide them with all the photographic material and videos to prove the danger they faced.


Harry and Meghan's legal representatives have sent an out-of-court letter to photography agency Backgrid, claiming they need the agency's footage from the “hunt” to bolster their own security. Through the letter, Backgrid was asked to immediately provide copies of all photos, videos and/or films taken by freelance photographers after the couple left their event and in the hours that followed. In doing so, the release of the material is sought to be used as evidence for their security and privacy claims.

Backgrid's lawyer rejected the couple's request and drafted a letter in an ironic tone, stating that in America, as they know, property belongs to its owner, and third parties cannot simply demand its surrender, as perhaps kings can. Furthermore, he indicated that the English rules of royal prerogative requiring citizens to surrender their property to the Crown have long since been rejected by America. Finally, he emphasized that the photography agency stands by its founders, thus implying that it does not agree with the couple's demand.

In an official statement, Backgrid stated that it had four photographers in the area, three in cars and one on a bicycle. Stressing that their purpose was simply to capture images and that they had no intention of causing disturbance or harm, they explained that the only tool they used was their cameras.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy
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