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Meimarakis: The restart is the big bet of the EU

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Meimarakis: The restart is the big bet of the EU

It points out that the creation of the Recovery Fund following the European Union's courageous and historic decision to tackle all the problems that pre-existed and worsened in the midst of the pandemic is a key priority for the European family. The speech for the MEP, leader of the New Democracy group and vice-president of the European People's Party Vangelis Meimarakis, who, in an interview with “F”, emphasizes that the restart of European economies through employment is the big bet to win the European Union. He states that the European People's Party supports the whole effort and with the slogan JobsJobsJobs promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. It stands for the need for full transparency in the allocation of European funds as an effective weapon in tackling populism.

-From the presidency of the EPP, during the European Parliament Week you sent the message that not a single euro will be lost from the money of the Recovery Fund. As Vice-President of the EPP and Head of the Greek Delegation, what do you say about the ways in which the Union can contribute to reducing unemployment in the EU and providing opportunities?

Reducing unemployment by creating more jobs is a long-standing political strategy of the European Union, which at this time of the pandemic, more than ever, is becoming one of its top priorities. This is demonstrated in practice by the creation of the Recovery Fund, which is undoubtedly a brave and historic decision of the European Union, in order to address all the problems that pre-existed and worsened in the midst of the pandemic. And because these are funds that will contribute to the support and recovery of European societies, they must be spent with transparency, rules, accountability and respect for the rule of law and welfare, so that no euro is lost. The resumption of economies through employment is therefore the big bet that the European Union is called to win, with its main supporter being the European People's Party which with the JobsJobsJobs slogan promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

– We are facing a health crisis, which has shaken the faith of Europeans in European institutions due to the socio-economic consequences. In your opinion, what is the message that Europe needs to send to its citizens and especially to young people?

– In this unprecedented crisis, all our actions, initiatives and actions must be aimed at protecting future generations. That is why the funds earmarked for supporting European economies should be channeled into reforms and investment to move to the digital and green age, not to deficits and fiscal policies. Only if there is complete transparency will we fight the populism and extremist views that have gained ground in this time of crisis, reinforcing the lack of trust between the EU and its citizens. It is therefore up to us to move from words to deeds and convince citizens, and especially young people, that the European edifice is solid and solidary.

-After the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, do you think that we are leading to a stronger Europe or in the future, do you believe, there will be other separatist tendencies?

-Europe with the departure of Great Britain is at a key point. The historian of the future will judge who benefited most from this difficult “divorce”. The European Union must now take action in areas that the United Kingdom has traditionally “blocked”, within European institutions, such as the defense sector. The European Union has learned through crises to survive, strengthen and move forward.


– Together with your Cypriot colleagues in the EPP you have succeeded in voting for an amendment for

sanctions in Turkey. What is your relationship with Cyprus and how is your cooperation?

with the Cypriot MEPs?

-Greek and Cypriot MEPs of the European People's Party act with one voice

for the defense of the common positions of Greece and Cyprus. This voice is loud and audible.

as has recently happened in the case of the amendment to impose strict measures

sanctions against Turkey, adopted by the EPP and adopted by a large majority

by the European Parliament. The Cyprus issue and its resolution as well as the escalating Turkish one

Challenges are two key issues, which require close co-operation and joint action.

between the Greek Delegation and the two active Cypriot friends and colleagues,

Lefteri Christoforou and Louka Fourla.

Source: www.philenews.com

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