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Membership in the KBE of the All Cyprus Association of Retirement Home Owners

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Ένταξη στο ΚΕΒΕ του Παγκύπριο σ γηρiας

The Pancypriot Association of Retirement Home Owners (PSISE), by its decision, joins the power of the Professional Associations of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCC).

The main purpose of the Association is to increase and improve the level of providing a more suitable and dignified living environment for the elderly who face health problems, disabilities or difficulties in their daily lives. looks forward to a productive collaboration for the benefit of the entire society, the economy and the business environment.

President/Spokesperson Loizos Grigoriadis  
Vice President Lucia Grigoriou
Secretary Filios Savvidis  
Treasurer Stavris Kyriakidou
Member Kostas Ioulianos
Member Solomonis Christou
Member Chrystalla Ubargova
Member Constantia Skarparis
Member Andreas Petsas
Executive Secretary (KEBE) Andreas Alexis

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