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Memorandum of cooperation of three Ministries with OEB for circular economy

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Memorandum of cooperation of three Ministries with OEB for circular economy

The Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and the Ministry of Research signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday, aimed at facilitating and accelerating the transition of Cypriot businesses to the circular economy. and Digital Policy with the Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB), which leads the Cyprus Circular Economy Network.

The Memorandum was co-signed by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Natasa Pileidou, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development & Environment Costas Kadis, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Kyriakos Kokkinos and the President of OEpo Of Cyprus.

Specifically, speaking at a press conference held at the Ministry of Commerce, Ms. Pileidou stressed that the memorandum “is of particular importance because it is part of the strategy of both the Government and the private sector to transition to the circular economy” and noted that the transition to “A circular economy is not only a necessity stemming from recent EU decisions related to the green agreement, but also an opportunity.”

“If we all embrace green growth, I believe we have the maximum to gain both as an economy and as a society,” said Ms Pileidou, expressing hope that the private sector will continue to embrace this initiative now that we are moving into practice. its application “.

He said that a strategy has been developed and is being implemented by the Group of Ten, which is the inter-ministerial group in the management of the national energy and climate plan, and added that “everyone will need to be involved in order to implement the many actions that cover a fairly long time horizon “.

Ms. Pileidou explained that the actions concern, among other things, the change of culture, awareness and change of approach regarding the business model of each company but also practical solutions that have to do with incentive plans, as she said, “designed by the Ministry of Commerce and will be announced in the coming years, but also other actions that have to do with the other Ministries that have joined the group “.

He also said that companies should take some actions so that the products they produce can be certified as products that have been produced under certain specifications, while he stressed that “there are big changes that need to be made in companies, factories and in our industry to be able to move towards the circular model “.

The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment also welcomed the signing of the memorandum, which will provide a framework for cooperation, as he said, “with the business world to adopt the principles of the circular economy.”

Mr. Kadis said that “the circular economy and its principles are at the heart of the green agreement” and stressed that “it is the principles of the circular economy that will lead us to a more sustainable, sustainable future where resources and resources are fully utilized. products after their use will not be discarded, but will be part of a new process “.

“To implement them requires the cooperation of everyone, especially the business sector,” he added.

For his part, the Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy stressed that the circular economy is a very important structural element of green growth, which is very high in the priority of the whole world, adding that “the EU has taken the reins and the “Cyprus together, they give great importance to the circular economy”.

“This poses enormous challenges for economic models at both the business and economic levels but also in the way we encourage innovative entrepreneurship and research and development to focus on the circular economy,” he said.

Mr. Kokkinos said that the State Department in cooperation with our partners such as OEB will develop specialized programs that will focus on the circular economy to encourage research programs and work and business innovation that supports all of this around the circular economy. .

“The circular economy requires teamwork and teamwork and is not an action of the Government or the state, but an action for which all partners of the subsystem must be mobilized,” he said, adding that cooperation with OEB will contribute greatly to to get the message across and mobilize businesses in the direction of a circular economy. “

Finally, the President of OEB said that the Federation, “following the developments, started the great effort to assist the transition to the circular economy, for four years” and added that OEB in 2020 proceeded to the establishment of the Cyprus Circular Economy Network, with significant partners, both in Cyprus and abroad.

“The signing today of the Memorandum of Cooperation between OEB and the competent Ministries involved, shows the desire and will of all, to strengthen cooperation on issues related to green development and the circular economy,” he added.

Mr Antoniou said that “the changes that are being made or will be made to companies in terms of the transition to a carbon-free Europe are enormous”, adding that today several companies have been evaluated focusing on hotel units and what needs to be done. to achieve, among other things, better waste management. “

He also referred to the need to train companies on “what they need to prepare for tomorrow”, noting that on July 14 the Commission will review the acceleration in the transition to a circular economy.

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