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Mente Fuerte took the stage and begged Maria Solomou to speak to him again (Video) 

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    Ο Mente Fuerte ανΕβηκε στη &sigma ;κηνπαλεμαο ωοναμιλξανa (Βεο) 

    “It's been a week since my “Full Moon” he doesn't speak to me”, said the artist among other things

    O Mente Fuerte this summer will be part of the summer tour made by Despina Vandi.< /strong> The first concert took place on the evening of Monday, June 10 in Ioannina.

    When the singer invited him on stage to perform their new song “Full Moon”, he revealed that Maria Solomoushe hasn't spoken to him in a week.

    “Do you know what I've been through? For a week now, my “Full Moon” he does not speak to me,” said Mente Fuerte first.

    “Ah! The “Full Moon” yours doesn't talk to you”, replied Despina Vandi.

    “Mine, so I want you all to pick up your mobiles, and do tag our Maria and see if she will answer us”, he concluded.

    Watch the following video:

    @ioanninatheater Full Moon, Maria does not speak to Mente | Despina Vandi & Mente Fuerte, Ioannina 10/6/2024 #despoinavandi #vandi #vandicted #mentefuerte #panselinos #ioannina #mpesfypgamw #fy #ioanninatheater@vandicted ♬ original sound – IOANNINA THEATER

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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