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Mentioning Steve Jobs

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Mentioning Steve Jobs

Ten years ago, in October 2011, on the 5th of the month, the co-founder of Apple Computers, and famous businessman and visionary in the field of computer technology, Steve Jobs, died. Steve Jobs went down in history not for his knowledge of mathematics and economics, as he did not have one. The man had just completed a year of study at an Oregon college, Reed College.

In the midst of those quests, which went through both India and Buddhism, in the midst of a period of intense political and social upheaval in the US and internationally, Jobs found himself in the face of an intelligent but socially troubled collaborator, another Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak , the theoretical and technical intelligence needed to design the company's first computer.

They both worked for Atari when their completely different and incompatible personalities led them to frequent quarrels. One such quarrel was the occasion for them to find themselves at the home of another, and much older colleague, Ronald Wayne, who, as the most experienced and mature, tried to bridge the differences between them. During that discussion, and after listening to them for some time, Wayne suggested that they start Apple. Wayne, after undertaking and processing the technical “paperwork” required, left the cooperative shortly after the founding of the company since, as he stated much later, he had no appeal in business, but in engineering.

Of the three protagonists of the story, the only one who did not know about computers, but was not particularly educated, since he had not completed a year of university entrance exams, was Steve Jobs. He knew neither from finance, nor from law, nor from accounting, nor from electronics. He did not invent the graphical user interface and the typical desktop environment of the Apple Macintosh (and NEXT), nor the well-known “mouse”. He did not invent the touch screen and never designed any integrated circuits. Steve Jobs did not invent anything. He didn't even design the first Apple logo. The logo was designed by Wayne, who stayed with them for only a few weeks and left selling them a 10% stake for a few hundred dollars.

Why then do we all talk about Steve Jobs as if he were Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman, two of the most famous theoretical physicists in modern human history? What did Steve Jobs know to do well in the end, whose character as well as his managerial skills were of questionable quality?

He knew how to tell stories and tell them as well as he told them, for example Jules Verne. He knew how to fascinate and inspire, to describe and sketch, but also to challenge both his collaborators and competitors and to guide them to turn them into real, functional and real products, things and objects, such as brothers Wright, who without any theoretical training (they did not even finish high school) invented, not exactly the plane as we all think, but the control of a device that moves on three axes, and thus the management when they try it on a flying machine.

So what we mention every time we refer to Steve Jobs is the combination of inspiring and narrating a vision with the challenge of making it happen. But we also mention something else that most of us refuse to admit. We mention the mindset in which he did what Steve Jobs did and that affect our daily lives (eg iphone). And this framework is nothing more than allowing a guy who is typically technically inadequate, another guy who is socially maladapted and a third guy who did not want to have anything to do with the first two (sic) to work together and without realizing it, change the world…

Source: politis.com.cy

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