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MEP Georgiou in Geni Duzen: “Increase financial support to the Turkish Cypriots from the EU”

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Geni Duzen continues to publish statements by Cypriot MEPs to the newspaper's envoy in Strasbourg, Sami Ozuslou, regarding the Turkish economy and the use of the euro .

According to the GTP, in today's article, AKEL MEP George Georgiou points out the continuing impoverishment of Turkish Cypriots and calls on the EU to increase its financial support.

Noting that the Cyprus issue is at an impasse, Mr. Georgiou expressed the view that there will be no mobility in the negotiations until 2023 due to the elections, which will be held in both Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. He said that after the collapse of the negotiations in Crans Montana, the Cyprus issue deteriorated due to international developments, such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Noting that President Anastasiadis was too late to put on the agenda Confidence Building Measures, the MEP described the position of Turkey and Ersin Tatar for a two-state solution as unacceptable and pointed out that the UNSCs would be useful to keep relations alive.

Asked about the adoption of the euro by the Turkish Cypriots, George Georgiou said they support this position, but stressed the importance of the stance of stakeholders. He noted that on one side there is the EU, on the other the Republic of Cyprus and on a third Turkey, “which I do not think will be positive.” However, it is important and the decision that the Turkish Cypriots will take, he added and reminded that all these problems stem from the non-solution in Cyprus.

Source: KYPE

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