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Meteorologist in Greece ended it: He danced a ball to welcome the bad weather – “I also have humor” (video)

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Greek television is famous for its quality, for its smart programs, ingenuity and its noon shows that offer plenty of laughter. Let's all go together: “hahahahaha” . We experienced another cringe moment today and for that we have to thank Nikos Moutsinas and SKAI meteorologist Christina Souzi .

As you will already know, from Wednesday night to Thursday the weather will make us water again. To be precise, a new wave of bad weather is expected with the name “Ballos” . So, it was next for the presenter to deal with the specific issue, to dance ball and as if that was not enough, to get Christina Souzi online to do the same.

Nikos Moutsinas did not expect it and burst out laughing (and you together of course, hahahaha, no) when he saw the meteorologist dancing to welcome the new bad weather. However, she did not stay there because after the demonstration of her dancing abilities, she threw a “I am also a meteorologist, I also have a sense of humor” and here we will admit that we really laughed.

source: provocateur.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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